These are the emerging designers who will make their debut at Bogotá Fashion Week (Part 2)

Bogotá Fashion Week will take place in the Colombian capital the first week of April. Meet some of the designers who will make their debut this year

These emerging designers will make their debut at Bogotá Fashion Week (Part 1)

Bogota fashion week will be held in the first week of April. Meet some of the designers who will make their debut this year

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Karl Lagerfeld died: the fashion industry is in mourning

Karl Lagerfeld died at age 85, in the middle of the fashion week

Art pieces: from the museum to the red carpet

On many occasions, works of art have inspired designers to make ostentatious and creative clothing. This year, at the Grammy Awards, the turn was for Cardi B

The elegance of the 'Peaky Blinders': from the screen to the catwalks

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5 best dressed female Latin American athletes

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Latin America's fashion billionaires

Latin America has its own fashion billionaires and they are making smart investments in both accomplished luxury brands and fashion startups