Kamala Harris giving a speech

Kamala Harris or The Historical, Social and Political Transformation

The first woman with ancestry of two ethnic groups: black and Indian, included in a North American presidential list, Kamala Harris, has marked the history of humanity

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Using machine learning to track the pandemic's impact on mental health

Textual analysis of social media posts finds users' anxiety and suicide-risk levels are rising, among other negative trends

Building near green trees

Record Number Of Women in The United States Congress

At least 131 women will serve in Congress in 2021, according to News Wise

People walking on pedestrian lane

Tokyo's voluntary standstill may have stopped COVID-19 in its tracks

Why did Japan largely contain COVID-19 despite famously jam-packed Tokyo and despite the country's proximity to China?

Man in green scrub holding white plastic

Stanford engineers have developed a genetic microlab that can detect COVID-19 in minutes

Using "lab on a chip" technology, Stanford engineers have created a microlab half the size of a credit card that can detect COVID-19 in just 30 minutes

Doctor working in a computer

Challenges to providing behavioral health care during pandemic

A Rutgers survey of New York providers finds technology barriers, safety protocol and communication need to be addressed to improve care


Do you Know How to Detect a Sign of Domestic Violence?

Recognizing a hand signal to report domestic violence can save a woman's life

Boardwalk with COVID-19 sign

Hot or cold, weather alone has no significant effect on COVID-19 spread

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, there were high hopes that hot summer temperatures could reduce its spread

Health worker in his suit.

How people would choose who gets scarce COVID-19 treatment

Young, most likely to survive are favored, global study finds

Damaged skin

Some COVID-19 "long haulers" experience lasting skin problems

A research team evaluated almost 1,000 cases of patients with skin manifestations of COVID-19

A doctor's hands holding a hypodermic syringe

The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Key challenges for assessing clinical efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines

It is important that standardized, quantifiable endpoints are applied to clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines

Coronavirus cell

Remdesivir for COVID-19: FDA approved but still unproven

Researchers say effective public health strategies are more urgently needed

Women at Black Lives Matter protest

The Importance of Minority Communities for Political Parties

Black women's communities have become the fundamental voting bloc of the Democratic Party in the United States.

Person using a disinfection system

A disinfection system that could neutralize COVID-19 in a few minutes is developed

The system uses atmospheric plasma to disinfect spaces and surfaces and neutralises almost all airborne bacteria and viruses