Woman getting a vaccine in her arm

Opinion: Third Doses of Vaccines Go Against Poor Countries

Europe confirmed last week that it will advance its process of vaccinating its population with the third dose while there are countries that continue to beg for the first

Wally Funk with astronaut suit

Wally Funk Fulfills Her Dream at 82 Years Old

Wally Funk joined the richest man in the world on Blue Origin's first crewed spaceflight. At 82 years old, the aviator became the oldest person to launch into space.

COVID-19 Vaccine Bottles

Anti-vaccines: your body, your choice

The anti-vaccine arguments of defending the free choice to be vaccinated can end up defending a progressive fight

Woman waking up

Follow This Routine To Have an Extra Productive Day

Your day will largely depend on your first ten minutes since in them you are tuning your mind with the emotional and cognitive state that you are going to start.

Woman in an office

3 Things That Can Affect Your Credibility and How To Fix It

Credibility is your best cover letter. Having this clear is essential to achieve a solid personal and professional brand.

COVID-19 Vaccine Bottles

COVID-19: Why Did Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines Increase in Price?

Two of the most important pharmaceutical companies in the world have decided to increase the price of their biological in Europe. What is the reason and how will this situation affect Latin America?

Woman holding a pallet of colors

Take the Risk of Unleashing Your Creativity

If you are human you are creative, let alone, it is part of our human nature and a superpower that we are rediscovering in recent times.

People walking on a street in China

Suspicions Increase: Did China Create the Coronavirus?

Several Governments And independent Scientists Have Asked China For Carte Blanche In the Investigation Into the Birth Of COVID-19 In Wuhan


Let’s Talk About the Versatility of Avocado

Every July 31, International Avocado Day is celebrated, a wonderful fruit that nature has as a gift for all human beings. Its contributions to health, beauty, and gastronomy are invaluable. 

Tunisian flag

8 Key Events to Understand the Current Political Crisis in Tunisia

The young Tunisian democracy is going through the worst political crisis in its short history. Could Tunisia, the cradle of the Arab Spring, also be its grave?

Elderly couple

What Neuroscientists Say About Retirement Age

Have you ever wondered what is the perfect age to retire? Some days we may feel like we can’t wait to retire.

Mom with teenage daugther

Parenting Strategies To Get Along With Your Teenager

Here are some positive parenting strategies that have been shown through research to help your child transition into adolescence.

Woman talking to a girl

Tips to Help Children Manage Uncertainty

Deprivation, grief, and loss are complicated emotions for anyone, but especially for children, who may be feeling them for the first time in their lives.

Afro women

International Day of Afro Women, To Preserve Their Origins and Rights

Since 1992, we have commemorated the International Day of Afro Latin-American, Caribbean, and the Diaspora Descendent Women as a result of the efforts of women in 32 countries in Latin America.