Colombia urges blood diamond-style controls for gold buyers

Colombia is calling for tougher controls over international gold purchases to curb the amount of illegally-mined metal entering mainstream markets, following similar moves by the diamond industry.

China to construct two nuclear powered plants in Argentina

Argentina and China will sign this month a contract in Beijing for the construction of two new nuclear powered plants, with an investment of US$ 12.5 billion

Venezuelan opposition won’t attend constitutional assembly

Venezuela’s MUD opposition coalition said on Sunday it would not attend the constitutional assembly called by President Nicolas Maduro, who wants to change the government framework in place since 1999.

Fury in Argentina over ruling that could see human rights abusers walk free

Supreme court ruling opens door to early release of hundreds of abusers. Luis Muina, convicted of torture in military dictatorship, has sentence reduced

Will Trump's unfulfilled promises affect his approval among Republicans?

The first 100 days of Trump’s presidency were highly inefficient. However, people are skeptical how his unfulfilled promises will affect his approval ratings amongst Republicans.

Chilean left has splitted and that helps Piñera

Chilean ruling coalition splits, increasing chances of Piñera in presidential election

A brief analysis on Venezuela's President call for new constituent body

Amid continuing anti-government protests, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has called for a new constitution.

Chilean-Colombian co-operation

Ricardo Navarrete Betanzo, the Chilean ambassador talks Colombia, about the importance of strengthened ties between the two nations

There won´t be presidential re-election in Paraguay

The lower house of Paraguay's Congress has voted overwhelmingly to reject a constitutional amendment that allowed the president to seek re-election.

Venezuela's future won't be settled in the streets

Venezuela's often divided opposition needs to put forward a compelling vision.

Thousands of indigenous protest in Brasilia

Around 2,000 indigenous people from different Brazilian tribes demonstrated in Brasilia demanding that the government speeds up the demarcation of their lands.

Trump comes up against a wall

Donald Trump has indicated he will scrap plans to find cash for his border wall in this week's spending bill.

Macron is likely to win France’s elections

The french see Emmanuel Macron ahead of his contestant, Marine Le Pen, and closer to the presidency.

Venezuela crisis: deadly anti-government protests

At least three people have been killed in Venezuela in protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.