Conspiracy? Trump's government met secretly with Venezuelan militaries

After an article published by The New York Times, the theory of a coup plot against Maduro which, according to the president, is headed by the United States, has gained strength

In midst of criticism and betrayal, the Trump era collapses

The criticism of Obama, a book and a column of a senior official in The New York Times, could contribute to changing the political landscape for Trump in the upcoming elections to Congress

Brexit: Are there regrets for voting in favor?

Brexit is approaching, but still London and Brussels must agree the commercial relationship before a political climate that looks for a second referendum

9/11: 17 years since the terrorist attack against the United States

Nearly three thousand people died at the biggest terrorist attack against the United States

Middle East: The education of children living the conflict is endangered

More than 700 schools in Palestine could close their doors due to the decisions of Donald Trump

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These are the stories of these four women who aspire to be the future Senators of the Big Apple

Europe: Between the rejection and acceptance of immigrants

The city of Chemnitz, Germany, has become the focus of European nationalism, but also of the rejection of xenophobia in the old continent

India decriminalizes homosexuality: How is the rest of the world doing?

On September 6, India's Supreme Court repealed the Article 377 of 2013 which punished people from the LGBTI community

From sex scandals to bribery: the controversies of Trump’s government

According to Michael Cohen, lawyer close to the Trump family, the president was involved in a corruption scandal just before his election

John McCain: Why do immigrants will remember him fondly?

On August 25, Republican Senator and immigrant advocate, John McCain, died of an aggressive brain cancer.

These cases of abuse and corruption in NGOs have shaken the world

The recent allegations of abuse and corruption perpetrated by members of some Non-Governmental Organizations have shaken the world

Why does Franco's exhumation cause such a stir in Spain?

The possibility of removing the dictator's body from its resting place has caused debate

Is it possible the legalization of marijuana in Germany?

In August, thousands of people took to the streets in different cities across the country to support the legalization of marijuana

Controlling the Internet: The new form of censorship

In Bangladesh, the government shut down the internet to try to undermine student protests. Which Latin American countries have taken the same measures?