How does Trump defend himself against the rejection of the immigration policy?

The border patrol takes the children to an old warehouse, while they process their parents for the crime of "illegal entry" IGNORE INTO the US

Slavery is not over: This is how this problematic is lived in 2018

It is estimated that there are about 46 million slaves in the world, many of these are farmers, miners or factory workers.

 Mexico, Canada and the U.S.: Does the passion for sports weigh more than politics?

In the midst of political tension between Mexico, Canada, and the U.S., the countries will have to unite to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup

Austria against extremism: "It is not a religious question", according to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz

The Central European country closes seven mosques and expels 60 radical imams

"The two leaders gladly accepted the respective invitations", North Korean central news

Kim Jong-un not only agreed to visit the United States but also to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and Trump pledged to offer guarantees to the Asian country

Pulse Nightclub Shooting: After the attack on the LGBTQ community, have things changed?

Two years later, victims are still seeking gun reform nationwide

Rwanda and Arsenal: the most controversial sponsorship

Rwanda and the Arsenal sign a sponsorship agreement for 30 million euros, an alliance that has been criticized by the United Kingdom and the Netherlands

Pedro Duque: From space to Congress

Spain is not the first country to have an astronaut exercising a political position

The historic meeting between Trump and Kim: the zero hour arrives

While the details of the meeting between the two leaders are finalized, Russia invited the North Korean president to a forum in September. However, what role does Latin America play in this situation?

Saudi Arabia will have female taxi drivers

As of June 24, the women of Saudi Arabia will be able to practice this profession

This is what you need to know about the International Day of Children Victims of Aggression

Since 1982, on June 4, the International Day of Innocent Victims of Aggression is celebrated in honor of the children affected by conflicts

The forgotten war of Ukraine

After four years of conflict, the east of the country still does not recover

Will Kim Jong-un end as Gaddafi?

For some experts, nuclear disarmament could lead to the collapse of the regime in the peninsula

Yarmuk: A symbol of Palestinian resistance, today is a ghost town

8 kilometers south of Damascus lies Yarmouk, an area famous for being the epicenter of the Palestinian diaspora in Syria and the Middle East. Today, of the population of more than 150,000 Palestinians who lived there, there are less than a thousand