Macron loses the spark with his followers

A year after coming to power, the popularity of the French president is at its lowest level

Why did Donald Trump remove the United States from the nuclear agreement with Iran?

The US president made the decision to remove the United States from the agreement arguing that Iran is a country that sponsors terrorism

Is the dissolution of ETA definitive?

The end of more than six decades of this terrorist organization gives hope to the Spanish people in a time of separatism, but leaves many doubts about the process

This is how the world celebrated the bicentenary of Karl Marx

The sympathizers of communism recalled the life and work of the father of one of the most important ideologies of the modern world

Will Scotland ever be able to become independent from the United Kingdom?

The inevitable departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union brings several issues on the table for both the European Community and the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom

Would Donald Trump win the Nobel Peace Prize?

After his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, South Korean President Moon Jae-In alluded to a possible candidacy of Donald Trump to the Nobel Peace Prize

Iran does not want to give up its missiles

Despite the denunciation made by Israel and the alleged Iranian secret nuclear program, the missiles are not negotiated, they said from the Islamic Republic

#Tellit: "It's not abuse, it's rape" and the Spanish condemnation

The world manifests against sexual violence, after five men were tried in Spain for abuse and not for rape

Of the 200 migrants who arrived at U.S./ Mexico border, only eight have been able to cross

Dozens of people expect US immigration authorities to analyze their asylum claims

Cambridge Analytica shuts down after Facebook scandal

Nigel Oakes, founder of the Cambridge Analytica matrix, SCL Group, told the newspaper that the US subsidiary also closes its doors. UU

What's going on in Chernobyl after 32 years since the catastrophe?

2018 marks 32 years since the environmental disaster. Family and acquaintances of the victims met in an emotional ceremony 50 kilometers away from the place of the event

North Korea and South Korea: The first time peace talks are held in the hopes of a new future?

The possible end of the war and denuclearization are signs of reconciliation

The drama of the homeless people in the UK: 78 died last winter

Non-governmental organizations argue that low temperatures and cuts in public policies are the main causes of these deaths

After alarming cases, India approved death penalty for children's rapists

The Asian country modifies its legislation after the massive protests because of two recent cases of violence