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Is Israel's Prime Minister in trouble?

The nation's police force recommended the legal prosecution of Benjamin Netanyahu for corruption

Chile: ex-guerrilla member living in France seeks extradition

Ricardo Palma Salamanca was convicted of killing Jaime Guzmán, a senator and a lawyer in 1991

The Netherlands and the organ donation

The government passed a law that makes adult citizens donors


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Jacob Zuma faces more than 800 charges of corruption, but none have been brought before a judge

Malaysia: controversy arises due to list that helps identify Gays and Lesbians

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Alt-Right: The political movement that inspires mass-shootings?

According to Moonshot CVE, the audience available to Alt-Right propaganda remains “phenomenally larger” than that available to ISIS-type recruiters

Trump and McConnell

Congress Working to Pass Stop-Gap Spending Bill as Immigration Negotiations Continue to Falter

In January, the government shut down for three days while members of Congress negotiated a stop-gap spending bill

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Ireland's polemic abortion ban will be submited to voting

25% of all pregnancies worldwide ended in an induced abortion, according to the WHO