Chile wildfires leave smouldering tensions over role of forestry industry

After the worst fires in the country’s history killed 11 and devastated vast swaths of land in January many are asking if subsidised timber plantations are to blame

Colombian guerrilla begins disarmament process

The UN mission responsible for supervising the execution of such measure approved by the consensus of the two sides

FARC begins disarmament process after peace signing

Insurgent FARC-EP have begun today the disarmament process after more than three months that the Colombian government signed peace

Trump’s taunts are stirring a level of nationalism in Mexico

Confrontation with the United States is so central to Mexican history there’s an institution dedicated to the trauma. It’s called the Museum of Interventions.

New threat to Colombia peace talks as ELN claims bombing

Clouds gathered Monday over peace talks aimed at ending Colombia's half-century conflict after the ELN rebels claimed responsibility for a deadly bombing at a bullring in Bogota.

World’s one billion migrants need health services

One in every 7 people are migrants today but health systems haven’t been able to adapt and give them access to health services.

The costs of Latin American crime

Many governments are failing in their most basic task. A casual scan of newspapers in Latin America and the Caribbean in any week reveals a grave problem: violent crime has become an epidemic.

Colombia prosecutors seize $98M in FARC assets

Colombian authorities seized $98 million worth of assets belonging to the demobilizing FARC rebel group, the country’s chief prosecutor said

A Latino, ex-Obama Labor secretary elected chairman of the Democrats

Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez on Saturday was elected chairman of the United States Democratic National Committee

Four things scientists can do to stay relevant

Obama’s former science advisor, John Holdren, says these things can help them remain relevant under a president who resists facts.

Reliving 1917’s Russia

Project 1917 is an initiative that recreates history in the form of a social network.

This laundry bag can help stop microfiber pollution

Two Germans created a bad to prevent microfibers ending up in oceans.

Reversing man-made eco harm

These inventions use human technology for the benefit of other animals.  

Ecuador will hold run-off poll to choose new president

Ecuador's presidential election is set for a second round on 2 April, the electoral commission has announced.