Lanzhou University Screening Process

Which COVID-19 models should we use to make policy decisions?

With so many COVID-19 models being developed, how do policymakers know which ones to use?

Mother touching her son's forehead.

Coronavirus in children: it may not start with a cough

Children suffering from sickness and diarrhea, coupled with a fever or history of exposure to coronavirus, should be suspected of being infected with COVID-19

Silhouette of a person standing in front of mountains under the sun.

Vitamin D determines severity in COVID-19

Researchers from Trinity College Dublin are calling on the government in Ireland to change recommendations for vitamin D supplements [Monday 11th May 2020]

People wear disposable masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

New outbreaks of coronavirus after reduced restrictions

As the United Kingdom begins to plan their return to normality, there is a new outbreak of infections in countries that have already done so 

Man manipulating oxygen tanks.

Global health innovators mobilize to help developing countries combat COVID-19

Innovators offer resources, ideas, affordable solutions for low-resource countries in need of pandemic essentials

Couple talking in a room.

COVID-19 baby boom? This new study suggests perhaps not

Over 80% of people surveyed in a study do not plan to conceive during the COVID-19 crisis

Woman conducting scientific tests with viruses through test tubes.

Coronavirus: natural origin or created in a laboratory?

While the United States insists on China's involvement in the creation of the virus, the WHO denies this responsibility and asks the government for evidence

Woman holding her face in dark room.

Domestic violence is widely accepted in most developing countries

According to a study, societal acceptance of domestic violence against women is widespread in developing countries, with 36 per cent of people believing it is justified in certain situations

Woman covering her mouth with a bandana during coronavirus outbreak

Safely relaxing social distancing comes down to numbers

The key to safe easing of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions could be as simple as using an odds and evens method to allow people to leave their homes

Healthcare worker washing hands.

New world's best practice for COVID 19 prevention and control

New recommendations for best practice for infection prevention and control in healthcare settings, to help stop the spread of COVID-19, have been developed

Keiko Fujimori, Kim Jong-Un and Jeanine Áñez.

Fujimori out of jail and other political news of the week

COVID-19 news is not the only thing happening around the world, some other political acts have been going on this week.

White House Coronavirus Update Briefing

Trump and public demand for unproven COVID-19 therapies

Public figures need to be more responsible when speaking about COVID-19

Urban Slum with two people working.

Urban slums are uniquely vulnerable to COVID-19

Government-enforced social isolation may help relatively affluent populations limit the spread of COVID-19, but these measures can be devasting for1 billion people around the globe

Little gir at the hospital.

Keep children from hospitals during crisis

Experts insist that chronic childhood conditions should be treated from home

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