Daniel Ortega and the United States Flag on Wall Street

Latin America in Short: Nicaragua in Political Crisis | Wall Street Crash

This week there has been a big Wall Street crash, the worst in years. As for Latin America, Nicaragua is still in a political crisis given Daniel Ortega's persecution of his opponents. This and more summarized here

NATO members during a summit

NATO Grows and Russia Is Increasingly Surrounded

With the announcement of the possible inclusion of Sweden and Finland in NATO, Russia is increasingly surrounded

mother carrying her son

The Art of Materning Yourself To Be a Better Mother

When we are mothers, the vast majority of us have a common question: How to be a better mother? If you don't know how to mother yourself, you won't be able to be a good mother to your children.

Couple talking to each other

Your Partner Doesn't Want Children?

Starting in the 1960s, couples' desire to have children has changed, like life, career, and achievement expectations revolve around other aspects of life.

Family ranking leaves

Gender Equality Begins at Home

The distribution of tasks and responsibilities at home and the various activities and games families perform with children profoundly impact how they learn (or not) the notions of gender equity.

woman in afghanistan

Women in Afghanistan: Forgotten By The Rest Of The World

With the recent order by the Taliban that women must cover their faces in public areas, we are once again asking ourselves what is the panorama that women in Afghanistan must face

Drought zone and Daniel Quintero

Latin America in Short: COP15 Kicks Off | Daniel Quintero, Mayor of Medellín, Is Suspended

This Thursday Daniel Quintero, mayor of Medellín, was suspended from office for political participation in the Colombian presidential elections. On the other hand, this week the COP15 began in the Ivory Coast. These and more relevant news summarized here

Valaikaappu (prenatal ceremony in India)

Cultural Beliefs Regarding Pregnancy

Each culture brings traditions and beliefs regarding the stage of pregnancy and thus pass from generation to generation to this day.

Mom playing with her little baby

The Celebration of Mother's Day and Its History

Mother's Day, which is celebrated on different dates internationally, has a special meaning in cultures and societies and has a history that dates back to ancient Greece.

Two teenagers on the sofa

Useful Tips To Handle Teenagers

Raising a teenager is not an easy task. They want to be more independent and are more sensitive about comments related to their private life. Here are some tips to make your parenting more successful in the long haul.

Teen wearing a mask

The Use of Masks Has a Hidden Meaning?

As masks come off and humanity overcomes COVID-19, anxiety sets in for some people, especially teens. The reason? They've been using masks to hide their insecurities.

ukrainian flag

War In Ukraine: Will the Ukrainians Be Able To Beat Russia?

Experts agree that for Ukraine to win the war against Russia, it will be key for them to have support from the international community.


Joe Biden

Migration in the United States: Could Biden Lose Congress?

With the legislative and gubernatorial elections so close, migration in the United States is beginning to mark the democratic debate with Republicans criticizing Biden's problems and using them in their favor.

Meteor Shower and Luis Diaz

Latin America in Short: Southern Hemisphere Meteor Shower | Luis Díaz in the Champions League Final

It's official: Luis Díaz in the Champions League final. On the other hand, in the southern hemisphere you can see this morning the meteor shower left by the passage of Halley's comet. This and more summarized here