Brazil is freezing more than bank accounts

Brazil is freezing more than bank accounts

The country is going through one of its worst political crisis

Putin: “Don't mess with us”

Putin: “Don't mess with us”

Relations between the United States and Russia at are a low; President Donald Trump blames Congress for this turn of events

Manipulation of Venezuelan constituent

Manipulation of Venezuelan constituent results?

President Maduro continues with the National Constituent Assembly process despite accusations of fraud and international rejection


Tillerson: "North Korea, we're not your enemy"

The United States is willing to sit down with North Korean leaders, but only if it relinquishes its pursuit of nuclear weapons

USA and Russia

Is this the end of the honeymoon phase for the United States and Russia?

The US embassy in the European country has one month to reduce 2/3 of its staff

Kushner Rusia

Kushner admits to having four meetings with Russian authorities

The encounters with Kremlin authorities were held but there was no collusion, confirmed President Trump's son-in-law

Obama care

Donald Trump's Ultimate Strategy

Republicans’ latest efforts to abolish health reform known as Obamacare failed

Poland protest

Poland: citizens protest in favor of the judiciary

Thousands came out to the streets with candles in what was called a “chain of light” to protest against the decision of the lawmakers

Poland ultimatum

Poland receives an ultimatum

European Commission threatens Warsaw with depriving it the right to vote in the EU


Mercosur: Disagreement about Venezuela’s situation

Is there one flag missing? 

Boycott Qatar: a bad move?

Doha will not yield to the pressures; the crisis seems to grow despite various attempts

Argentina Food Crisis

Food crisis in Argentina causes protests

Children are showing signs of malnutrition

United States: Transgenders no longer allowed in the US military

“Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail." -Donald Trump

Internet in Russia

Russia: Where will all the VPN services go?

In Moscow, activists march over new censorship regulations