Woman covering her mouth with a bandana during coronavirus outbreak

Safely relaxing social distancing comes down to numbers

The key to safe easing of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions could be as simple as using an odds and evens method to allow people to leave their homes

Healthcare worker washing hands.

New world's best practice for COVID 19 prevention and control

New recommendations for best practice for infection prevention and control in healthcare settings, to help stop the spread of COVID-19, have been developed

Keiko Fujimori, Kim Jong-Un and Jeanine Áñez.

Fujimori out of jail and other political news of the week

COVID-19 news is not the only thing happening around the world, some other political acts have been going on this week.

White House Coronavirus Update Briefing

Trump and public demand for unproven COVID-19 therapies

Public figures need to be more responsible when speaking about COVID-19

Urban Slum with two people working.

Urban slums are uniquely vulnerable to COVID-19

Government-enforced social isolation may help relatively affluent populations limit the spread of COVID-19, but these measures can be devasting for1 billion people around the globe

Little gir at the hospital.

Keep children from hospitals during crisis

Experts insist that chronic childhood conditions should be treated from home

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

What is Kim Jong-un's health condition?

Here is part of the timeline surrounding the rumors about Kim Jong-un's state of health.

Coronavirus: the reality of Latinos in the US

The severity of the pandemic in the United States has once again raised uncertainties for millions of Latino migrants.

Girl looking through a window.

COVID-19 possibly striking more children than expected

The number of children infected with the coronavirus is far more extensive than what is currently reported

People waiting to cross the street

New death figures appears in China

The update on the number of death in Wuhan has sparked criticism over whether that country's government is trying to hide the truth

Chernobyl aerial view.

The fire in Chernobyl was controlled

After nearly 10 days of a fire near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, authorities were able to put it out and stop the radiation from spreading.

United States President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is right and the WHO lied?

The Taiwanese government also accuses the World Health Organization of mishandling the crisis of COVID-19

Doctor with a stethoscope and face mask.

Super-charging drug development for COVID-19

Researchers are ramping up production of a promising drug that has proven effective in obliterating SARS-CoV

Two women standing on sidewalk.

US coronavirus measures are justified, University of Wyoming economists find

Preventative measures may harm the economy in the short term but protect it in the long term. 

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