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Possible blood-clotting mechanism in COVID-19 found

Thrombosis has proved to be a common complication in severe COVID-19

Doctor holding a vaccine

Improving FDA's COVID-19 vaccine authorization and approval process

Lessons from hydroxychloroquine

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Asthma may not be a significant risk factor for severe COVID-19

Asthma could be a significant risk factor for developing COVID-19 that is severe enough to warrant hospitalization and intubation

A girl in a mask sitting on her porch during the coronavirus shutdown.

Outbreaks and demonstrations in Europe due to COVID

After several weeks of enjoying the summer, some European countries have again imposed restrictions due to new coronavirus cases.

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Research brief: How genetics could impact COVID-19 treatments

Drugs have been under investigation to treat COVID-19, but some of these may have underlying genetic reasons for not being effective

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Antiviral used to treat cat coronavirus also works against SARS-CoV-2

Fast-tracked research leads to Phase 1 clinical trials

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Misconceptions about weather and seasonality impact COVID-19 response

Misconceptions about the way climate and weather impact exposure and transmission COVID-19

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Effectiveness of cloth masks depends on type of covering

Wearing a mask in public is the most recommended, however, many still question its effectiveness

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Ensure long term support is available for COVID-19 survivors

Healthcare systems around the world need to develop ways of supporting people in the community who are recovering from COVID-19

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Researchers see an increase in fraudulent COVID-19 posts on social media

In a new study, thousands of fake posts tied to COVID-19 and financial scams are found on two popular platforms

Contact Network Density

Why COVID-19 infection curves behave so unexpectedly

Scientists at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna are the first to offer an explanation for the linear growth of coronavirus infection curves

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Could COVID-19 in wastewater be infectious?

International Study Led by Researchers at Ben-Gurion University Indicates Wastewater Containing COVID-19 May Be A Serious Threat

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Inconsistencies in data presentation could harm efforts against COVID-19

New research shows broad array of different content, formats in data available on national public health institutes' websites

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COVID-19: How South Korea prevailed while the US failed

COVID-19 is now the third leading cause of death in the United States

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