Nancy Pelosi

Why Does the Right Hate Nancy Pelosi?

Nancy Pelosi is the American politician with the highest number of disapproval. Deserved or not, today she and her family are victims of hate attacks in the run-up to the United States midterm elections


Russia shakes Ukrainian grain pact and strengthens inflation

Despite the geographical distance, what is happening in Ukraine continues to affect Latin America. These are the impacts for this region and the world due to the passage of grain from Ukraine, giving Russia greater power in the face of rising inflation

attack in somalia

Why is there no mention of the 100 dead from the terrorist attack in Somalia?

Although the terrorist attack in Somalia, which left a hundred dead, is a worrying event at a global level, it has received little coverage, what are the reasons?

Jair Bolsonaro and Nairo Quintana

Latin America in Short: Bolsonarism Does not Recognize Lula's Victory | Nairo Quintana is Judged

In the week after the presidential elections in Brazil, Bolsonarism does not recognize Lula's victory. In sports, on the other hand, Nairo Quintana is judged before the CAS. These and other relevant news of the week summarized here

Nuclear war

How Prepared Is Europe for a Nuclear War?

With the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, most European countries fear an escalation that could trigger a nuclear war

Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, Jair Bolsonaro and Players of the Colombian U-17 Women's National Team

Latin America in Short: Elections in Brazil | Colombia Plays the Final of India 2022

This Sunday will be an important day for the region. On one hand, there will be elections in Brazil. On the other, the final of the U-17 World Cup will be played in India, in which the Colombian team will face the Spanish team

 Xi Jinping

The purge of Xi Jinping in China: the strong men of the new government

The Chinese president shores up his power with men he trusts in key positions, thus anticipating facing the challenges of the "Asian giant"

Rishi Sunak

Richer than Carlos III: Rishi Sunak the New British PM Who Remembers the Colonial Past

Rishi Sunak, the possible new prime minister of the United Kingdom, is the first racialized British head of government in history, which brings diversity to the politics of the island

Election ballot box with the United States flag

Infographic: the positions at stake in the elections in the United States

The mid-term elections, or mid-term elections in the United States, have several important positions at stake. Here the governability of Joe Biden will be at stake.

Somaya Faruqi, Safia El Aaddam, Masih Alinejad

7 Muslim Human Rights Activists and Feminists to Follow Online

To Better Understanding and Broaden the View of What is Happening to Women in Iran, Afghanistan and other Muslim Countries, it is Better to Know the Struggles Through Those who Experience them. We tell you About 7 Activists and Feminists that you Should Follow!

Man wearing face mask and women's team from Deportivo Cali

Latin America in Short: COVID-19 is Still an Emergency | Women's Copa Libertadores Advances

This week, the WHO director general declared that COVID-19 continues to be a health emergency, so governments and the population must not lower their guard. In sports, the women's Copa Libertadores advances to the quarterfinals

Gallery: Who are the Alternative Nobel Prize Winners?

The Swedish Foundation Right Livelihood Awards a Series of Prizes each Year to Activists who are Known as the Alternative Nobel Prize Winners. We tell you About the Winners of 2022

Attack on the St. Petersburg metro

Vladimir Putin against the wall: Ukraine exposes Russia's vulnerability to terrorism

Vladimir Putin points out that Ukraine is behind attacks that he considers "terrorist", this leads us to wonder how vulnerable Russia is on this issue

NATO vs. Russia: How Balanced Are the Charges If There Is a Direct Confrontation?

As the war between Russia and Ukraine progresses, the possibilities of a military confrontation between Russia and NATO are not completely ruled out. Let's see what are the resources that each of the parties has