Leopoldo: At home but not free

Leopoldo: At home but not free

Early on saturday opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez was transferred from Ramo Verde Jail to his residence after 3 years in prison

Argentina Atucha Nuclear Power Plant

China drives nuclear expansion in Argentina, but with strings attached

Two new nuclear power plants, to cost 14 billion dollars, will give a new impetus to Argentina’s relation with atomic energy, which began over 60 years ago.

Alba Presidents

Understanding Latin American regionalism: ALBA

Bolivarian Alliance for the people of our America (ALBA) was born in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela as a way of opposing the FTAA or Free Trade Area of the Americas.


Understanding Brexit

Whichever path Theresa May decides to take, it will not only define the course of the United Kingdom for generations, but that of Europe as a whole.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski

Political differences won’t let Peru move on

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski had big plans for the country’s development. However, political differences have stunted his plans.

Cannabis crops Paraguay

Paraguay: Marijuana affecting the environment

Cannabis crops are causing deforestation in protected areas

Vice President Pence

Vice President Pence plans trip to Latin America

In the wake of the recent summit in Miami, Vice President Pence appears to be taking the reins on the United States relations when it comes to its neighbors south of the border.

Daniel Ortega & Juan Orlando

Nicaragua and Honduras: Closer ties for a better future

The President of Honduras, Juan Orlando, met with his Nicaraguan counterpart to discuss the issue of customs union.

Donald Trump

Trump and Cuba: What exactly is at stake?

Recently, American President Donald Trump announced that his government would be rolling back on the “one-sided deal” with the Cuban state.

Super Puma Chopper

New spin on chopper mystery

A ban on a model well known across Latin America has aviation experts shaking their heads.

Why aren’t Colombians celebrating?

The oldest guerrilla in Latin American handed over their weapons but the citizens of Colombia don’t seem to be too thrilled

Brazil and Russia

Brazil and Russia: a new, fortified relationship?

The South American president and the Russian chief of state seek mutual benefits through political collaborations

Cristina Fernandez

Cristina Fernandez back on the horse

In Argentina the deadline to the Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory Primaries (PASO, in Spanish) before legislative elections has closed, opening the political game for Congress

Understanding the teachers strike in Colombia

In March 2017, a series of debates took place between Fecode and the Ministry of Education.