Donald Trump

Trump and Cuba: What exactly is at stake?

Recently, American President Donald Trump announced that his government would be rolling back on the “one-sided deal” with the Cuban state.

Super Puma Chopper

New spin on chopper mystery

A ban on a model well known across Latin America has aviation experts shaking their heads.

Why aren’t Colombians celebrating?

The oldest guerrilla in Latin American handed over their weapons but the citizens of Colombia don’t seem to be too thrilled

Brazil and Russia

Brazil and Russia: a new, fortified relationship?

The South American president and the Russian chief of state seek mutual benefits through political collaborations

Cristina Fernandez

Cristina Fernandez back on the horse

In Argentina the deadline to the Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory Primaries (PASO, in Spanish) before legislative elections has closed, opening the political game for Congress

Understanding the teachers strike in Colombia

In March 2017, a series of debates took place between Fecode and the Ministry of Education. 

Puerto Rico- USA

Puerto Rico: the 51st state of the USA?

The island is going through one of its toughest economic crisis, would becoming a part of the USA be a real solution?

Teresa May

Understanding Uk's Latest election results

The Prime Minister Theresa May’s call for early elections backfired, as the Tories lost seats in the House of Commons and have caused a “hung parliament”

Latin American universities

Latin American universities need to step up

Despite growing numbers in registration and attendance to higher education institutions, Latin American education lags behind

Haitians in Chile

Haitians in Chile and the barriers to solve

Haitians request of permanent residence has tripled over the last ten years. However, it hasn't been easy to settle in Chile.

Macron’s agenda has a bright start

Macron’s agenda has a bright start

French president Emmanuel Macron has a long way to go to restore economic optimism. However, the legislative elections gave his party, the LREM, a big push


FARC hands off 30 percent of their weapons

FARC rebel group stated that they are complying with the accords stated within the peace agreement signed last year

Dilma Rousseff - Michel Temer

Proceedings against Temer and Rousseff over election funding

Brazil's Superior Electoral Court is deliberating on a case which could topple the country's President, Michel Temer

Constituent Assembly election on July 30

Venezuelan constituent assembly election on July 30

On July 30, according to the board’s proposal, the 545 members of the constituent assembly will be elected.