Chilean senator named presidential candidate of center-left party

Chilean journalist-turned senator Alejandro Guillier accepted the presidential nomination of the center-left Radical Party

Peña Nieto faces unrest in Mexico as gas prices climb and Trump ascends

Amid nationwide marches, highway blockades and looting stemming from widespread outrage over an increase in gas prices, President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico went on national television to appeal for understanding.

Ban Ki-moon’s legacy

With an eye in South Korea’s presidency, Mr. Ban Ki-moon is seeking to burnish his UN legacy. 

Bolivia’s president chafes against term limits

Despite water shortages and a slowing economy, his supporters want to keep him in office indefinitely

Maduro names controversial vice president — and potential successor

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on Wednesday appointed Tareck El Aissami, the controversial former minister of interior and the governor of Aragua state, as his new vice president.

Paraguay, Bolivia eye inter-oceanic railway project

The railway running from the Bolivian city of Robore to the Paraguayan town of Carmelo Peralta would give Paraguay access to the Pacific Ocean via Peru

Race to replace Ecuador’s Correa begins amid corruption scandal

Ecuador kicked off its presidential campaign Tuesday amid a looming economic crisis, a lingering corruption scandal and a thirst for change

Hungry Venezuelans flood Brazilian towns, as threat of mass migration looms

Survival for Venezuelans is becoming a matter of flight. About 10,000 Venezuelans are streaming IGNORE INTO Brazil every month in search of food and medicine

Beijing has the world’s largest air purifier

The Smog Free Tower is a project that can raise awareness to the air pollution problem.

Guterres’ pledge for a year for peace

In his first day as UN Chief, Antonio Guterres announced his new year resolution: to make 2017 a year for peace. 

In the next 25 years 47% of jobs could disappear

According to Oxford University 47% of all jobs could be automated by 2034 and no government is prepared to face this. 

FARC rebels celebrate 1st New Year in peace

“Instead of a rifle in my hands, I want to carry a flower,” sang the guerrillas of the FARC’s 59th Front at dawn on Jan. 1, celebrating their first New Year at peace

Porous US Mexico border due to millions of dollars in bribes

US border security has been strengthened by fences, drones, and sensors so drug cartels have had to change their strategy: “It makes sense for cartels to try to corrupt border interdiction agents”

Ex-Chavez challenger Manuel Rosales released

Manuel Rosales, former governor of Zulia state, and five activists freed amid Vatican-mediated political dialogue.