Woman with chocolates

The Irresistible Seducer of the Senses Impossible To Avoid, Chocolate

It melts in the mouth, it is a first-line ingredient in the preparation of cakes and desserts, and it pleases icy bodies by providing warmth in its liquid, steamy, seductive, and hot version. There is no corner in the world where it is unknown.

Little girl hugging her grandmother

Families and Societies and the Role Given to Grandparents

Grandparents should be valued in their proper dimension for the importance they have in the family, whether they are funny, rigid, authoritarian, tender, permissive, accomplices, or eternal storytellers.

Rosa at the Twin Towers memorial

20 Years Since 9/11: ¿How The World Has Changed?

On September 11, 2001, Al Qaeda Hijacked Four American Planes And Carried Out the Deadliest Terrorist Attack In History

Woman holding a green scarf and Jair Bolsonaro

Latin America in Short: Mexico Decriminalizes Abortion And Bolsonaro Calms The Tension

The Mexican Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion, Bolsonaro has moderated his speech, Pelé shows improvements in his health and more news explained here

Coup in Guinea Conakry

5 Keys To Understand the Conflict In Guinea-Conakry

This Weekend, Armed Forces Carried Out A Coup Against President Alpha Condé. What Is Happening In the African Country?

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

Has the Pandemic Generated Changes in Corruption in Latin America?

Corruption has been one of the worst diseases in Latin America, and the pandemic has put it more into the spotlight.

Angela Maria Robledo

What Can Be Done To Improve Women's Participation in Political Contests?

Competition at the local, regional, and national levels in political contests is highly unequal. Women's political careers tend to be more difficult than those of men. Civil society has begun to play a key role in breaking down these gaps.

Nicolás Maduro and Cristiano Ronaldo

Latin America in Short: Venezuelan Opposition Goes to Elections and CR7 Breaks New Record

Texas passes anti-abortion law and Venezuela will have an election with oppsition. A couple of good environmental news happened this week, and CR7 broke a new record. All summarized and explained here

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, Supporting Human Rights Since She Was 11

While most of us may think of royalty or even of the TV drama Suits, when listening to the name Meghan Markle, the truth is she is one of the most influential women in the battle for gender equality.

Islamic group

How Is the Jihad Going? These Are the Remaining Islamist Groups

With the Fall Of Afghanistan To the Taliban, What Other Islamist Terrorist Groups Are Still Operating And Where?

Woman wearing a face mask inside an airplane

Inform Yourself Before Travel, What Vaccines Against COVID-19 Do Countries Allow?

The variety of vaccines has fueled the debate, not only in the medical field

ISIS-K group members

Who Are ISIS K, the Culprits Of the Terrorist Attacks In Kabul?

This Terrorist Group Was Behind the Wave Of Attacks In the Capital Of Afghanistan That Caused Dozens Of Deaths

Afghanistan Refugees and Player with a Soccer Ball

Latin America in Short: Afghans Refugees in Latin America and Qatar World Cup Controversy

Start the weekend updated with our weekly summary: the first Afghan refugees arrive in Latin America, some footballers will be left without qualifying, and more

Artwork from Shamsia Hassani, Rada Akbar and Kubra Khademi

Afghan Artists Raising Their Reality To The World

Art in its various expressions allows the freedom to present to the public, regardless of nationality, beliefs, or ideologies.