Pedro Castillo, Iguazu Falls

Latin America in Short: Pedro Castillo Accuses Coup | Iguazú Falls Closed

This week Pedro Castillo, president of Peru, accused a coup d'état when the prosecutor's office opened an investigation for corruption. In environmental news, Iguazú Falls are temporarily closed due to increased rainfall

Woman wearing a hijab

May Hijab Protests in Iran Spark another Arab Spring?

Thousands of Iranian women have taken to the streets in their country and have shaken the Ayatollahs' regime. Can this spread throughout the Muslim world and create another Arab Spring?

Aida Daguda

Aida Daguda Advocates for Urgent Change in Bosnia-Erzegovina

With the fall of the Berlin wall and the disappearance of the USSR, many things changed at the geopolitical level, such as the case of Bosnia-Erzegovina,

crimean bridge

Does Vladimir Putin's Strategy Collapse with the Collapse of the Crimean Bridge?

After the explosion that damaged the Crimean bridge, we analyze its importance for Russia in the context of the war with Ukraine

Hand holding a Nobel Prize medal

Nobel Prize Winners: Not Very Diverse or a Reflection of Society?

Of the 2022 winners, 10 white men won the Nobel Prize, compared to just 2 women (literature and chemistry) and no people of color.

Nicolas Maduro and Joe Biden

Nicolás Maduro and Joe Biden: An Alliance that Favors One and Could Harm the Other

The rapprochements between the United States government and that of Venezuela have not gone unnoticed. While Nicolás Maduro tries to create an environment of trust for the North American giant, the image of Joe Biden and his party would be damaged

Elon Musk and Nairo Quintana

Latin America in Short: Musk Owns Twitter | Nairo Quintana is Left Without a Team

This week the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk was finally made official. In sports, Nairo Quintana was left without a team. This and more summarized here

map of ukraine and russia and vladimir putin

Infographics: What Is In the Ukrainian Territories Annexed by Russia?

With the ratification of the Russian parliament, Putin annexed the Ukrainian territories of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia. What do these territories have that Russia wants so much?

Carrie Bickmore, Jessica Watson and Bindi Sue Irwin

Incredible and Little-Known Trajectories of Australian Women

On every continent, we find a series of incredible, outstanding, and courageous women that we at The Woman Post love to make known. This time from Australia

russian military

It is not only Ukrainians who are fleeing from Vladimir Putin. Russians migrate due to war in Ukraine

A new migration crisis from eastern Europe is added to the list of displacements on the western part of the continent. After the Ukrainian wave, Russian migration is happening due to the War in Ukraine orchestrated by Vladimir Putin

women in iran

Why Are the Women Protesting In Iran?

The protests championed by feminism in Iran have shaken the Ayatollah's regime. What are the Iranians asking for?

Vladimir Putin

Breaking News: Russia Will Consider Attacks on Annexed Territory As Attacks on Russia

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalated again this morning

Gabriel Boric, Daniel Ortega and Cover of the Escazú Agreement

Latin America in Short: Tension Between Chile and Nicaragua | Escazú Agreement in Colombia

This week diplomatic tension between Chile and Nicaragua has increased. In happier news, the Escazú agreement takes a step forward in the Colombian Congress. This and more summarized here

Giorgia Meloni, President of Italy

The Relationship Between the Far-Right Giorgia Meloni and Latin America

Giorgia Meloni's political movement won the elections in Italy and the politician could become the first female president of Italy