Bill gates

Bill Gates predicted the end date of the pandemic

Bill Gates recently gave his forecast on the end of the coronavirus. Let's see what can be analyzed based on his statements

Person wearing a mask

How Covid-19 smell loss differs from the common cold

Difference between loss of smell associated with Covid-19 versus that of a cold or flu

Document with pills

New study: Hydroxychloroquine ineffective as a preventive antiviral against COVID-19

 Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is not a possible defense against COVID-19

Woman sitting on a sofa reading newspaper

Scientists sound the alarm: Lockdowns may escalate the obesity epidemic

Locking down society to combat COVID-19 creates psychosocial insecurity that leads to obesity

Person holding test tubes

A new, 20-minute assay for COVID-19 diagnosis

Researchers have developed a new test that can diagnose COVID-19 in just 20 minutes

Business women watching a computer screen in an office

How much money is spent on advertising during presidential campaigns?

We are used to seeing political ads before any presidential election. However, what are the numbers behind the campaigns?

Vacuna and Alberto Fernández, President of Argentina

The Russian vaccine and other news of the week

These are some of the most important international news of the week

Woman wearing a face mask

COVID-19 clinical trials lack diversity

Trials need more people of color to generalize results to larger US population

Drugs and pills in a table

Scientists identify hundreds of drug candidates to treat COVID-19

UC Riverside researchers used a powerful machine-learning approach to screen millions of chemicals to find suitable candidates

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

All about the first black female vice-president candidate

The election of the Democrat as vice presidential candidate in the presidential race of Joseph R. Biden is quite an event

Man vaping

Vaping linked to COVID-19 risk in teens and young adults, Stanford-led study finds

Vaping is linked to a substantially increased risk of COVID-19 among teenagers and young adults

Girls in Africa

Girls would be forced to marry against their will in Somalia

Somalia promotes child marriage in a new law that must be approved by the parliament.

Woman wearing a face mask

Knowledge is power: Learning more about COVID-19 can reduce your pandemic stress

the more people know about COVID-19, the less pandemic-related stress they have

Children in Bangladesh

One in three children in the world is contaminated with lead

Lead is affecting children massively according to a recent report by UNICEF and Pure Earth

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