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What are the projections for the economy in Latin America?

The OECD Development Center, ECLAC, the Development Bank of Latin America, and the European Union warn of the economic situation in the region, and the projections for the economy in Latin America

Weaponry on a table

Global Arms Trade, A Business That Continues To Grow Despite COVID-19

According to a study recently published by SIPRI, the global arms trade increased its sales despite the COVID-19 pandemic. How does this affect Latin American countries?

Frame from the Men question own behavior in new Police Scotland sexual violence campaign

Campaign To Teach Young Men About Violence Against Women

Police Scotland recently launched a video to invite young men to reflect upon some small actions that may be considered as violence against women, and that has been normalized by society. The video quickly became popular on social media.

Winter solstice

What To Do on the Shortest Day of the Year

Many Latin American countries celebrate this day with enthusiasm in different ways. In each ancestral culture, the light is renewed as a symbol of the extension of the darkness of winter.

Student in a classroom

Gallery: 7 Keys To Winning A Scholarship Abroad

Winning a scholarship to study abroad is one of the purposes that requires the most preparation. Here we tell you 7 keys to make this process successful

Joe Biden and Nestor Pekerman

Latin America In Short: Biden Will Not Go To Colombia and Venezuela Greets Pékerman

This week it was confirmed that President Biden will not go to Colombia. On the other hand, the Omicrón variant threatens to return us to travel restrictions. In sports, José Pékerman confirms his arrival in the Venezuelan National Team. This and more in our weekly roundup

Kehkashan Basu

Kehkashan Basu, the Voice of Youth for Equality and Change

History has shown us that change is possible through collective activism and the fight for fundamental human rights is no exception to the rule.

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Is It the Sole Responsibility of Women To Achieve Equality?

The 2030 Agenda includes 17 sustainable development goals, and Gender Equality is considered number five. Will it be achieved?

People on the street in Haiti

How Worrying Is the Situation of Women in Haiti?

Haiti has faced several social, economic, and political difficulties, as well as natural disasters that have been a challenge, particularly for women.

Family meal

You Can Enjoy Family Time With These Simple and Fun Activities

Many families think that the best time to spend quality time together is during the major holidays. Nevertheless, setting aside time every day to bond with your children is the best way to become close to them and have healthier dynamics at home.

COVID-19 vaccine vial

Opinion: Vaccine Hoarding Is To Blame For The Omicron Variant

While rich countries already reach almost 100% of their vaccinated population, African countries do not even reach 5%. The poor distribution of vaccines is the culprit of the Omicron variant

Donald trump

Donald Trump's Plans For 2024

Although it is not official, the most likely thing is that the former president dreams again of the most important executive position in the United States and we have a Donald Trump campaign by 2024

Oprah Winfrey, Lucy Hawking and Patricia Janiot

Outstanding Women in the Journalistic World

Some women have stood out in the profession of journalism over the years. We tell you who are the most important ones.

Diego Maradona and Pedro Castillo

Latin America in Short: A year Without Maradona and Pedro Castillo in Trouble Again

This week marks a year without Maradona. In politics, Europe in protest against new measures against COVID-19 and Pedro Castillo again in trouble for the resignation of his presidential secretary. All summarized here