Iceland: the best country for women

Lower salary gap and equal maternity leave are just some of the characteristics that make this Nordic country appealing for women

Did you know that these 3 lawyers have saved several famous footballers?

We know that footballers can give everything on the court and that is why they can make certain mistakes with the law.

New Zealand: jihadists respond to massacres

As a result of the terrorist attacks in New Zealand, the jihadists have already announced an upcoming attack on the Western extremists

What will happen with Algeria?

More than three weeks of demonstrations, a power void, a delay of general elections, among others, are part of the Magrebian country's political state

Brexit: May's headache

After several voting sessions, the English Parliament finally agreed to have the Brexit postponed

Pope Francis: 6 years of the 'liberal Pope'

With regard to the 6 years that Pope Francis have being the Supreme Pontiff, we remember why the 'liberal Pope' is loved by many and despised by others

Donald Trump: Will the businessman presidential term end soon?

United States' president has been involved in bribery scandals and falsified declarations before the Legislative of his country

Love in the time of Millennials

According to a survey of an Internet dating site, the political position of a person is a great influencer when choosing a partner

Canada: Does Trudeau's apparent perfect government weaken?

The involvement of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a corruption case has begun to tear down his image and that of the Liberal Party

That's how the 8-M marches went around the world

With torches and cries for equality, millions of women and men marched in cities around the world in a feminist strike on the occasion of International Women's Day

France: What is the "European Renaissance" of Macron?

The French president has presented some proposals for the strengthening of the European Union. What are they?

Algeria: is there a power void?

In the last two weeks, Algeria has experienced big protests in the streets against the fifth consecutive nomination of the current president Abdelaziz Buteflika

Bernie Sanders to the ring of the American presidential!

With 50 years of political career, Bernie Sanders, progressive senator, will seek to reach the oval office of the White House in 2020; the road just begins

3 keys to understand the Indo-Pakistani conflict

In recent days, the conflict between India and Pakistan has revived, leaving international concern and dozens of people dead

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