Patrice A. Harris, MD, MA, psiquiatra de Atlanta, se convirtió en el 174º presidente de la American Medical Association en junio de 2019, y la primera mujer afroamericana de la organización en ocupar este cargo.

The American Medical Association finally takes a stance on Abortion

The American Medical Association last week filed a lawsuit to challenge the constitutionality of two North Dakota laws that compel physicians

Kim Jong Un y Donald Trump en reunión en Corea del Sur

What Trump's brief visit to North Korea means

The current president of the United States became the first in history to step on North Korean soil. Will negotiations proceed?

Donald Trump giving a speech and background the United States flag

Should we believe Trump? These are the 3 times that he had to retract this month

Suspending the veto against Huawei is the third time this month that Trump has had to contradict his statements and opt for alternatives

Marchas en Estados Unidos a favor del aborto

Abortion map shows U.S. bans in 'stark contrast' to global trend

Reproductive rights experts say bans do not stop abortions but drive them underground, endangering lives and causing an estimated 23,000 deaths a year

Ministras de Canadá: Kim Campbell y Jody Willson

'Snail's pace' progress of women in politics calls for tougher measures, leaders say

The number of women in the top echelons of world politics has crawled to an all-time high, but progress is so slow that more quotas and incentives are called for

Las 5 personas denominadas como 'La Manada' de España y el símbolo de un 'Mazo de juez'

'It is not abuse, it is rape': they condemn 'La Manada' in Spain

After three years of controversy and legal sentences, five young people in Spain have been convicted of raping a young woman at the San Fermín festivities in 2016

Periodista Jean Carroll, de fondo Donald Trump en los años 90's

This is Jean Carroll, the woman who accused Trump of sex assault

It is the sixteenth time that the current president of the United States is news for this type of events. On this occasion, he ignored it

Donald Trump en el anuncio de su candidatura para la reelección presidencial de Estados Unidos

'Keep America Great': the slogan of the new Trump campaign

With an essentially anti-democratic and anti-immigrant speech, Trump formalized his candidacy for the next elections

Campo de refugiados de ACNUR

Is every migrant a refugee?

On World Refugee Day, we remember the more than 25 million who are in this condition after left their countries

Laura Yeager en su uniforme de las Fuerzas Armadas de Estados Unidos

Laura Yeager and women in the army

The American has achieved what few women in the world have done: stand out in an army where the majority are men and gender is an impediment

Documentos rotos cerca de la bandera de Hong Kong delante de fotografía captada en las Manifestaciones en Hong Kong.

Demonstrations in Hong Kong in favor of maintaining its political independence

In the last week, the people of Hong Kong took to the streets to ask that the extradition bill be annulled, but the demands do not stop there

Hombre sosteniendo la bandera de Sudán

Sudan: a coup with an uncertain future

A dictatorship was overthrown with a military coup. Now, the civilian population demands that the opposition also be included in the transition government

Silueta Donald Trump y Theresa May- bandera estados unidos y reino unido

United States and the United Kingdom: between love and hate

President Donald Trump and his family spent three days in the United Kingdom. This is what his visit left

Mujer nativa de Canada

Canada raises its voice for the genocide of native women

In the report 'Reclaiming Power and Place', which investigates the murders and disappearances of indigenous women in Canada, the lags of colonialism are shown