Doubts in the EU: Hungary strengthens its nationalism

With the re-election of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the European country will strengthen its anti-immigration policies

Summit of the two Koreas: Pacification, military continuity, or denuclearization?

This meeting aims to counteract North Korea's aggressive policy on the eve of the next meeting with the US president

Syria in the eye of the hurricane

Rescue groups and the international community blame Bashar al-Assad's regime for the chemical attack on April 7

United States: Women to power

With a record number, 40 women are candidates to the governorates of the states where they reside

Donald Trump: The militarization of the southern border of the United States?

Through an executive order, the US president asks the national guard to move to the border with Mexico to counteract illegal activities

Breast cancer in Morocco, a drama beyond the disease

Many women are abandoned by their husbands after undergowing a mastectomy

The stigma of menstruation in South Asia

Having a menstrual cycle in this area of ​​the world marginalizes women from family and social life

Why the United States and more than 20 countries expel Russian diplomats?

The decision comes after the case of Sergei Skripal and was taken at a meeting of leaders of the European Union

Opiates: What are they and why does Trump demand the death penalty for its traffickers?

Every hour, 7 people die in the United States because of opioid use

Google will allocate USD300 million to support journalism

With the Google News Initiative, the technological giant intends to fight 'fake news'

Oklahoma, nitrogen for those sentenced to death

The state will use this cruel method in the face of a shortage of substances for lethal injection

More than 120 million people went hungry in 2017

UN released a report on famine and poverty worldwide, 51 countries suffered these tragedies last year

United Kingdom defeated by the European Union in the Post-Brexit

Unfavorable for the United Kingdom are the conciliated measures for its exit from the European Union

France: Gaddafi a ghost chasing Sarkozy

The former French president was arrested and interrogated for the alleged financing of the Libyan government during his presidential campaign in 2007

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