Commuters wearing disposable masks hoping to prevent the spread of corona virus

COVID-19 cases, deaths in US increase with higher income inequality

U.S. counties with higher income inequality faced higher rates of COVID-19 infections and deaths in the first 200 days of the pandemic, according to a new study

Person giving a vaccine to another

The Israeli miracle in vaccination against Covid

The Mediterranean country has already managed to vaccinate more than 20% of its population

Amanda gorman

What Inspired Amanda Gorman's Poem on President Biden's Inauguration?

Amanda Gorman, 22, is the youngest woman to speak at a presidential inauguration gala. 

People walking on a street in America

Is the Latino era beginning in the United States?

With the arrival of Joe Biden, an important space opens up for several minorities in the United States, including the Latino

Joe Biden in office as President

Joe Biden takes over as president and Honduras reaffirms its ban on abortion

The most relevant political news in Latin America and the World

Aerial view of the United States Capitol

The weak control of the senate that Biden will have

The majority leadership of the Senate was celebrated from the Democratic bosom. What are the possible political plans?

Avril Haines and Xavier Becerra

Who are the top politicians in Biden's diverse Cabinet?

The democrat surrounded himself with different professionals with different capacities and trajectories where minorities stand out who will break various paradigms

Joe biden

Who is the new president of the United States?

The next tenant in the White House has had a life full of tragedy

Donald Trump at the White House

Opinion: Trump's Great Legacy

This coming January 20, Donald Trump leaves the position of president of the United States

Ship in a cargo port

What would the increasing use of natural gas on ships imply?

Looking ahead, humanity must think about how to solve the issue of energy for transportation. Could natural gas be a solution?

Donald Trump and Nicolás Maduro

Trump faces new impeachment and Maduro wants to eliminate cash

The most important political and economic news of this week

Students having a meeting

Study: Colleges can prevent 96% of COVID-19 infections with common measures

The study found that a combination of just two common measures--distancing and mandatory masks--prevents 87% of campus COVID-19 infections and costs only $170 per infection prevented

United States Capitol and Elon Musk

Chaos in Washington and a new "richest man in the world"

News in the United States and Venezuela made the front pages of the week

Tarana J. Burke

Inspiring Black Women Who Make Real Changes

For ethnic communities, the current confinement is not the only challenge they have faced throughout their lives.