Closing the border: a goal shared by Nixon, Reagan, and Trump

Several times the US president has threatened to close the border with Mexico

Trump and his limited female cabinet

The constant changes in the Trump cabinet are becoming more common. However, this chaotic situation is compounded by the low participation of women

South Korea: the decision that benefits abortion

In a historic decision, the Constitutional Court of South Korea ordered the amendment of the abortion law

Elections in Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu goes for his fifth term

After a tight election, Netanyahu will continue in power after being ten years in it

#MeToo: these are the women who accuse Joe Bidden

Four women denounced the former US vice president for alleged sexual abuse actions against them

No more asylum: Julian Assange is arrested in London

On Thursday, April 11, the controversial founder of Wikileaks was arrested in London

Zuzana Caputova: the Slovak woman who defeated European populism

In unprecedented elections, Slovakia, a small democratic republic in Eastern Europe, elected the first woman president of the country

The war in Libya is about to explode

The country has been divided since the 2014 elections. In the wake of recent events, the tension is expected to increase

How is humanity in food?

Currently, there are severe famines in the Middle East and Africa. Latin America presents a complicated panorama due to the Venezuelan crisis and climate change

What did NATO's 70th birthday leave?

The 70th birthday celebration of the organization was held on April 4 in Washington and Russia was the main theme

The new era of Japan has arrived

With the arrival of a new Emperor, a new era also arrives. Japan prepares for the Reiwa era

Trump against the International Community?

Trump has convulsed the international community for the declarations on the Golan Heights and Israel, what is this new controversy about?

What happened in the legislative elections in Thailand?

The majority party in Thailand, Palang Pracharat Party, was the most voted organization in the elections, which were apparently manipulated by the military

Gaza Strip: What are the reasons for the recent bombings?

The Israeli government has attacked nearly 100 targets in the Strip in recent weeks


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