Was the meeting between Kim Jong-un and Trump a big failure?

The meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, which took place in Hanoi, Vietnam, culminated without an agreement     

United Kingdom: Brexit 1 - Theresa May 0

After more than a month in negotiations, May changed its strategy to avoid a possible government crisis

Merit or tactics: the first new female ambassador of Saudi Arabia

Is the announcement of the new United States ambassador, Princess Reema bin Bandar al Saud, a smokescreen?

Michael Cohen: a fight between Democrats and Republicans

Former Trump lawyer was before the House Oversight Committee, where he was questioned about the president's "dirty deeds"

May Donald Trump win the Nobel Peace Prize?

Following the nomination of President Trump for this important prize, how is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize chosen?

Double elections in Spain?

Spain's president decided to dissolve the parliament and call general elections. Spaniards will also vote in regional and European elections

5 moments in which politics and football mixed

Although they are not usually together, there are times when football serves as a means to send a political message

3 key factors for maternity leave

According to a report of the International Labour Organization, there are several aspects to make improvements in the environment of maternity leave

United States: what Pompeo's visit to Europe left

Last week, the Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo, toured several European countries in favor of the recovery of sovereignty

United States: Trump will definitely build the wall

The US government worked hard to avoid a new Shutdown. Meanwhile, Trump declares the country in national emergency

For the first time a cardinal loses his clerical status

In a historic Vatican decision, now-former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was convicted of sexual abuse

Russia: What's behind the protests?

In Russia, any type of protest that is against the current government is repressed with a law that criminalizes it

Spain: Pedro Sánchez and the independence crisis

On Sunday, February 10, thousands of Spaniards went out to the streets to demand that the president call elections. What is happening?

Ireland: in the eye of the storm because of the Brexit

The last week, the discussions between the United Kingdom and the two Irelands have reached their peak due to the Brexit

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