What the meeting between Kim and Putin left

After an unfruitful Hanoi summit, in which Kim Jong-un could not reach any agreement with Donald Trump, the North Korean leader met with Vladimir Putin

United States: Joe Biden begins to run for the presidency

This is the third time that former vice president, Joe Biden, has competed for the presidency. Several polls mark him as a favorite

'Change UK': the anti Brexit party

In the midst of tensions over Brexit, a new party has been created that hopes to hold the referendum against the departure of the United Kingdom

Independentism and Nationalism: what it is at stake in the Spanish elections

Next Sunday, April 28, Spaniards will vote at the polls for the new president of the government

Ukraine: comedy arrives to the presidency

After the elections on Sunday, the actor and comedian Vladimir Zelenski is the new president of Ukraine

The countries where children suffer most due to internal conflicts

Although they are too young to understand what is happening, the child population is the most affected by internal conflicts in their respective countries

Sri Lanka: a series of attacks on Easter Sunday

On the day that Catholics celebrate Easter Sunday, there have been more than eight explosions in hotels and churches in Sri Lanka

5 countries that are legally fighting the fake news

After the victory of Trump in the last North American elections, the fake news caught the attention of governments scared by the spreading of false information

World Democracy Index: 55% of the world has no real participation

In the ranking, Norway is positioned as the best democracy in the world, while socialist nations such as North Korea occupy the last positions


Is religion the key to building the happiness of a country?

Various studies and research have been conducted to show if there is a relation between religious beliefs and happiness

Not even jail stops them! 3 candidates who campaigned from jail

Who said that being in prison prevented you to be in an electoral campaign? Here in LatinAmerican Post we tell you more

The 5 most and least developed countries according to the HDI

The index measures, among other things, well-being, quality of life and freedom

Closing the border: a goal shared by Nixon, Reagan, and Trump

Several times the US president has threatened to close the border with Mexico

Trump and his limited female cabinet

The constant changes in the Trump cabinet are becoming more common. However, this chaotic situation is compounded by the low participation of women