The battle between Trump and the NRA begins

Why does the National Rifle Association EU disapprove of the United States' president's initiatives?

Haiti: Authorities suspend Oxfam's actions over sexual misconduct scandal

The Caribbean nation suspended the international British charity  from operating in the country


China: Xi Jinping to extend his presidency past 2023

The Central Committee of the party announced that it is seeking a constitutional amendment that allows the Head of State to serve for more than two consecutive terms

United States: Washington D.C. is ready to march for gun control

The initiative is hold by students who survived Wednesday 14 February shooting, at a school in Parkland, Florida

USA: Is buying a gun cheaper than buying an iPhone?

According to The New York Times, since 2013 there has been a shooting per week in the country

What is happening to Latina women in the USA?

This is how the gender pay gap affects these women

Is Israel's Prime Minister in trouble?

The nation's police force recommended the legal prosecution of Benjamin Netanyahu for corruption

Chile: ex-guerrilla member living in France seeks extradition

Ricardo Palma Salamanca was convicted of killing Jaime Guzmán, a senator and a lawyer in 1991

The Netherlands and the organ donation

The government passed a law that makes adult citizens donors


This was how the two Koreas came together during the winter games

After the extraordinary agreement between these countries to march with the same flag at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, the world sees another side of the North Korean regime

Why did the president of South Africa resign?

Jacob Zuma faces more than 800 charges of corruption, but none have been brought before a judge

Malaysia: controversy arises due to list that helps identify Gays and Lesbians

Sinar Harian newspaper aims to help readers identify people memebers of the LGBTI community

Alt-Right: The political movement that inspires mass-shootings?

According to Moonshot CVE, the audience available to Alt-Right propaganda remains “phenomenally larger” than that available to ISIS-type recruiters

Trump and McConnell

Congress Working to Pass Stop-Gap Spending Bill as Immigration Negotiations Continue to Falter

In January, the government shut down for three days while members of Congress negotiated a stop-gap spending bill

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