Vladamir Putin and Donald Trump

Why did the US Treasury release a list of Russian oligarchs?

With 114 senior political figures tied to President Vladimir Putin and over 90 oligarchs worth more than $1 billion, criticism was overwheliming

What was Donald Trump's message in the State of the Union?

The  speech sought to portrait a country moving ahead to ensure Americans a better political and financial future

Historic victory of Sauli Niinisto in the elections in Finland

The president Sauli Niinisto, who was seeking re-election, won 62.7% of the votes

DACA protesters

Why does Trump face tough decisions on immigration?

The White House is trying to implement sweeping restrictions on immigration while Democrats in Congress continue to fight for principles of inclusion

What happened to the Nutella?

Turmoil broke out at several locations of the Intermarché supermarket chain in France

Russia: The crisis of Syrian refugees

Immigrants consider the Eurasian country as a transit space towards refugee status

Mike Pence concludes his tour of the Middle East

The vice president of the United States visited Egypt, Jordan, and Israel amid tensions over the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state

US cuts $65M in Palestinian aid

Threatened to cut humanitarian aid if they did not continue the peace talks

Trump´s first year: Disapproval and economic growth

Donald Trump completed his first year in the Oval Office with a 39% approval rating and one of the lowest unemployment rates of the past 17 years

Austria: Protests against FPÖ's presence in the government

Its presence in the new government coalition of Sebastian Kurz has generated a wave of protests since December 2017

Winter Olympics: North and South Korea agreed to march under same flag

Some of Seoul’s allies expressed concern that Pyongyang may be using the talks to buy time to pursue its weapons program

Oprah 2020: A real possibility?

Oprah 2020: A real possibility?

Donald Trump assures that if he were to compete against Oprah in a presidential election, he would "surely win"

High level talks between North Korea and South Korea

After years of silence and international tension, inter-Korean conversations were restored

Will Trump be forced to keep DACA alive? 

Will Trump be forced to keep DACA alive? 

Judge William Alsup stated that the administration must continue receiving renewal applications

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