Donald Trump at a press conference.

Iran's response to the United States

After the attack by the United States, Iran had noticed serious consequences and had speculated what kind of actions could be taken by the country.

Christina Koch

Christina Koch: new record for women on space

Koch holds the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman; she is expected to return to Earth in February 2020, spending over 300 days.

Qasem Soleimani, leader of the Quds Force in Iran.

United States kills Iranian elite force general

After the death of Qasem Soleimani, leader of the Quds Force, at the hands of the US military, the country has announced that it will retaliate

Biochemist working in laboratory.

More Chinese scientists in America are going back home

A growing number of Chinese scientists working in the United States are returning to their homeland, enhancing China's research productivity.

Olimpia Coral, activist and founder of the national sorority front.

What is the importance of the Olimpia Law approved in some states of México

The Olimpia Law and the Law of Access of Women to a Life Free of Violence were approved in Mexico City, and we have to talk about it.

Woman standing near person in wheelchair.

Socio-economic inequalities are decisive in the health of the elderly

A study concludes that health inequalities could be reduced by improving the socio-economic situation of the elderly.

Esther Duflo

7 top moments for women in 2019

This year has been all about women doing great things. Here are seven of them

President of the United States, Donald Trump.

What is Trump's new Space Force?

The president of the United States announced that since 2020, a new Military Force will protect the facilities that the country has around the Earth.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The Brexit Agreement: a triumph for Boris Johnson

After almost three years of failed talks, the British Parliament approved the prime minister's plan to achieve Brexit

Activist from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Caddy Adzuba.

Republic of the Congo: is there a genocide in the African country?

There are reports of thousands of Congolese deaths, rape policies for women and more than 10 million deaths since 1996

Donald Trump, president of the United States.

The Senate will decide Trump's future

Donald Trump will go down in history for being the third president of the United States to face a political trial and his future will be decided in the Senate

Woman counting money.

Women are still 257 years away from equal pay

Those are the results of a report that analyzed educational, health, professional and political conditions of women in 153 countries


Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The challenges of the new British parliament

The triumph of the Conservative Party, led by Boris Johnson, comes with clues about how the United Kingdom will proceed with its departure from the EU.

Pope Francisco.

This is what you should know about the abolition of the 'pontifical secret'

The Supreme Pontiff announced radical changes in the cases of sexual abuse committed by Catholic priests.

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