Nobel Prize

Female Nobel Prize Winners, Still Far From Gender Equality

Since its first edition in 1901, female winners are only a small percentage despite the fact that their participation increases every year

Police car and nobel prize winners

Latin America in Short: Attack in Norway and Nobel Prizes for Environmentalists

This week there was an attack in Norway, more names of Nobel Prize winners were announced, there was another trip into space and a bussiness difference between FIFA and EA. All these news summarized here

Xi Jinping

Taiwan And China Increase Tensions, How To Understand This Conflict?

Recently, the Chinese government of Xi Jinping stated its intentions to reunify Taiwan and China. Why are these two nations still in theory the same country?

United States passport

This Is How The United States "Visa Lottery" Works

Every year millions of people from all over the world apply for this program to obtain their residency in the United States

Pedro Castillo and Abdulrazak Gurnah

Latin America in Short: Peru Changes Its Cabinet And Abdulrazak Gurnah Wins The Nobel Prize

This week Peru changes its cabinet and Abdulrazak Gurnah wins the Nobel Prize for literature. These and more news summarized here

Bahar jalali

Online Protest Campaign Against the Taliban Dress Code

Women in Afghanistan have launched an online campaign as a sign of protest against the new dress code for female students.

Riot in Ecuador jail and aerial view of a forest

Latin America in Brief: Chaos in Ecuador's Prison and Environmental Financing in Colombia

We present our summary of this week with the most relevant of Latin American news in terms of politics, the environment and sports. This week, a riot brought chaos in jail in Ecuador and Colombia received funding for its environmental programs

Afghan Girls Dress Like Boys To Have Rights

In Afghan culture, a male child is a matter of pride. He is also the one in charge of carrying the family name forward. But daughters are often considered a burden.

Person putting a vote on a ballot

The Most Recent Elections In Germany Summarized

Find Out Everything You Need To Know About the Elections In Germany In This Article

Woman holding a pregnancy test

Online Abortions: The Guarantee Of A Right In The Midst Of A Pandemic

On International Safe Abortion Day we tell you about online abortions and their increase around the world with the pandemic

Haitian migrants at the border and James Rodríguez at AlRayyan

Latin America In Short: The Haitian Migration Crisis Continues And James Goes To Qatar

It has been a busy week for politics, the economy, the environment and sports. On the one hand, the Haitian migration crisis continues and on the other, James goes to Qatar. These and other news in this, our weekly summary

Haitian migrants walking across the Rio Grande

The Haitian Migration Crisis Will Impact Latin America

Shocking photos of nearly 14,000 migrants from the Haitian migration crisis crossing the Rio Grande to Mexico, after being confronted in Texas by border agents on horseback, have traveled the world generating concern

Pushpa Sunar (in blue) and her team distribute food from the community kitchen organized by UN Women partner Maiti Nepal.

Vulnerable Women in Nepal Lead Valuable Support in Soup Kitchens

Empowerment and community intervention are a fundamental part of women's daily work.

Elena Neaga

Women Mayors of Moldova, a Sign of Growing Empowerment

In Moldova, women raise their voices against violence and offer political leaders.