Angela Merkel, Sanna Marin, and Erna Solberg

3 Women With Collective Responsibility in the Face of the Pandemic

Meet in The Woman Post the three women who did not give up in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alexander Lukashenko

Aleksandr Lukanshenko, The Other Dictator Behind The War In Ukraine

The "last dictator of Europe" has been the right hand of Vladimir Putin and a vital piece in the war in Ukraine

Migrants at a border with Ecuador

What Can Latin America Teach Europe About Migration Crises?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine may bring with it a migration crisis for Ukrainians in the short term. In Latin America, a similar situation is already being experienced with the emigration of Venezuelans to various countries on the continent

Joe Biden, Nicolás Maduro and Vladimir Putin.

Biden or Putin: What Is Best For Nicolás Maduro?

Due to the war in Ukraine, the United States approaches Venezuela. Is it more convenient for Nicolás Maduro to get closer to Joe Biden or to continue on the side of Vladimir Putin?

Boy holding a flag of Ukraine and Aerial image of the earthquake in Japan

Latin America in Short: War in Ukraine | Earthquake in Japan

The war in Ukraine continues to bring economic effects not only for European countries. On the other hand, an earthquake hit Japan this week. The most relevant of the week summarized here

European Union flag

War In Ukraine: Possible New Countries In The European Union

The war in Ukraine opens the doors for new countries to enter the European Union

Joe Biden and Gabriel Boric

Latin America in Short: US Allocates Budget to Ukraine | Boric Takes Possession

Today the ceremony in which Boric takes possession takes place, so Chile will have a new president. In global news, the US allocates budget in solidarity to Ukraine

Kira Rudyk

8M: Army Women in Ukraine Also Suffer From Sexism

In the face of the Russian invasion, women in Ukraine are at the center of the war. Not only are they counted as victims, but they are also part of the war and of machismo .

United States passport on a book

How to apply for a US visa from another country?

Although it is a common practice, applying for a US visa from another country can be a little bit harder than you imagine.

Vladimir Putin and Nicolás Maduro

Latin America in Short: Pressure Mounts on Russia | Maduro speaks in its favor

This week the pressure on Russia is increasing in the global arena. Meanwhile, Nicolás Maduro speaks out in its favor and offers collaboration to the country that has been his ally. Everything summarized here.

Flag of Ukraine

Opinion: There Is Racism Against Ukrainian Refugees

There is racism in the willingness to receive Ukrainian refugees and the media coverage of the conflict

Moldavia and Taiwan

Does the Pan-Slavic Empire begin?: other countries that can be invaded

The recent war in Ukraine before the advance of the Russian army raises the question of what other countries can be invaded?

Soldier during an anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine

The Real Reason Behind The Invasion of Ukraine

Beyond the civil war in the Eastern European country, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is also about the wealth of the territory

Soldados marchando y criptomoneda con la bandera de Ucrania

Latin America in Short: Russia's Attack on Ukraine | Cryptocurrencies plummet

This week, without a doubt, the most relevant news has been Russia's attack on Ukraine. Here is the summary of the news and its implications for the economy and sports.