China takes Europe: what the global governance forum left

Multilateralism and agreements on the treatment of global issues are part of the strategy with which China seeks to get closer to Europe

Is Brexit approaching without an agreement?

In the voting last Friday, the British Parliament denied what was proposed by May

Philippines says goodbye to the International Criminal Court

The government of Rodrigo Duterte fears the reach of the justice system, which would explain the abandonment of this entity

The clash between the United States and the International Criminal Court

In a decision announced by Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, the United States expressed the prohibitions to the personnel of the International Criminal Court

Approved! What you need to know about the controversial articles 11 and 13

Following the decision of the European Parliament, the Internet as we know it could change

Ardern and Erdogan: Different responses to the same incident

The massacre in Christchurch awakened the response of several leaders. What were there reactions to the massacre?

France: Macron VS Yellow Vests

With new days of demonstrations, the French are marching under the military gaze

Neither Maduro nor Guaidó! The diplomatic clash between USA and Russia

The purpose of the meeting was to talk about the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, and their ideological differences were decisive in the meeting

Brexit: the final day is approaching

After several days of voting and voting in favor of the extension for the departure, Theresa May already has a new date for the Brexit

South Korea: the scandal that shakes the world of K-pop

Thanks to the denunciation of an assault in a nightclub, one of the most important scandals inside South Korea was discovered

Iceland: the best country for women

Lower salary gap and equal maternity leave are just some of the characteristics that make this Nordic country appealing for women

Did you know that these 3 lawyers have saved several famous footballers?

We know that footballers can give everything on the court and that is why they can make certain mistakes with the law.

New Zealand: jihadists respond to massacres

As a result of the terrorist attacks in New Zealand, the jihadists have already announced an upcoming attack on the Western extremists

What will happen with Algeria?

More than three weeks of demonstrations, a power void, a delay of general elections, among others, are part of the Magrebian country's political state

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