Latin America and the entire world against verbal harassment on streets

On December 19 in the Netherlands, a Rotterdam court sentenced a man to pay a penalty of 380 euros for verbal harassment of a sexual nature

Democrats start the presidential race

The competition for the candidacy for the Democratic party has already started with several politicians who aspire to take the command of the country

The unification of Taiwan and China is inevitable

This 2019 began with explosive statements between Beijing and Taipei on the future of the Taiwanese and their sovereignty

USA and Israel say goodbye to UNESCO

The departure of the United States and Israel from UNESCO became official on January 1, 2019, but who is the most affected?

Trump vs. Democrats: Will there finally be a wall?

What's left at this moment is to see if the United States Congress will give in to President Trump's proposal

Israel will have a new parliament in 2019

Benjamin Netanyahu announced the dissolution of the Israeli parliament (Knesset), what are the consequences of this change of parliament?

Thailand: Advances in Asia on LGBTI rights

The Military Board that governs Thailand has approved a project that legalizes civil union between same-sex couples, being the first Asian country to do so

The new Honduran Embassy would be in Jerusalem

Is it a good decision to move the Tel Aviv embassy to Jerusalem?

North Korea and South Korea: looking for peace

Both North Korea and its sister in the South had a single goal: to sign peace. What progress was made in 2018?

Russia and Trump: another chapter in the investigations

The investigation into whether Trump got help from the Russian government, opens another chapter with the disclosure of a report from a cybersecurity company

What is the Pence Effect?

The Vice President of the USA, Mike Pence, has unleashed a controversy around the #MeToo movement, leading to the creation of the Pence Effect

To build or not to build? The discord in the United States government

The US government partially closed its operations, because there was not a budget agreement on the construction of the border wall

Indonesia: a rare phenomenon that caused the tragedy

A tsunami hit the coasts of the Sunda Strait last night, leaving 222 dead, 843 injured and at least 30 missing

What is the Global Migration Pact sought by the UN?

The Pact, which had been prepared for months and aims to help victims of migration, was not very well received by some countries