Two persons during a videocall.

Research shows telehealth is an important tool for rural hospitals in treating COVID-19

Expansion can help US hospitals prepare for possible second wave

Anne Hidalgo

Anne Hidalgo, the first immigrant mayor of Paris

For the second time, the socialist Anne Hidalgo of Spanish origin and French nationality prevailed again as mayor of Paris

Crowd of protesters holding signs

Examining media coverage of protests worldwide

As anti-racism solidarity protests continue around the world, new research suggests mainstream media have a tendency to focus on the violence rather than the substance

Woman smiling on a street in India.

Women's crusade against COVID19 in India

More than a million women in rural India work voluntarily to curb the expansion of COVID 19

woman holding a toddler while a nurse vaccinates her.

Early childhood vaccinations might protect children from COVID-19

Scientists have raised a hypothesis that the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine could protect children from COVID-19

Woman wearing a mask during the coronavirus outbreak

Concerns about increased contagion and other news of the week

As the world learns to live in the midst of the pandemic and some practices must change, natural disasters hit Mexico and threaten Central America

Woman wearing a mask and looking a thermometer.

Study confirms "classic" symptoms of COVID-19

A persistent cough and fever have been confirmed as the most prevalent symptoms

Woman carrying child

Indirect adverse effects of COVID-19 on children and youth's mental, physical health

Children and young people may be less likely to get coronavirus, but they will experience substantial indirect effects

Cheetah on top of tree branch

COVID-19 lockdown reveals human impact on wildlife

An international team of scientists is investigating how animals are responding to reduced levels of human activity during COVID-19

Jacinda Ardern, Tsai Ing-wen, Sanna Marin

Who are the female world leaders who have managed to control COVID19?

Six months of global crisis have allowed evaluating which leaders have been effective in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

Person leaning on wall

Depression and anxiety rise among new moms amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

Maternal mental health linked to increased risks for both moms and babies, but physical exercise may help

United States President Donald Trump

Trump and Saab: Tensions between Venezuela and the U.S. continue

There is tension between the United States and Venezuela due to the arrest of Alex Naím Saab, who is accused of helping the Venezuelan regime.

Coronavirus through an electron microscopy image

Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic through testing

 The safe path out of the pandemic requires enormous amounts of testing

People buying inside a drug store.

9 in 10 Americans concerned pharma will use COVID-19 pandemic to raise drug prices

Fears abound of COVID-19 crisis worsening affordability challenges of US healthcare system

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