Dollars and Luis Suarez

Latin America in Short: US in Technical Recession | Luis Suarez to the National of Uruguay

The drop in GDP this week makes it possible to say that the US is in a technical recession. In sports, Luis Suárez returns to the Nacional of Uruguay, his original team. This and more summarized here

People at the airport

Traveler's Guide: What To Do When There Is Chaos At the Airport?

Given the unexpected events that may cause the cancellation or delay of a flight, here we bring you a series of recommendations to follow in case you encounter chaos at the airport.

Mayra Nohemi Flores

Mayra Flores, First Mexican-Born Member of US Congress

Mayra Nohemi Flores, who previously worked in the Hidalgo County Republican Party as a chair of Hispanic outreach, is now representing a congressional district in the United States

Flag of Nicaragua and players of the Colombian national team

Latin America in Short: Nicaraguans Ask for Asylum | Colombia to the Semifinals of the Copa America

This week the UNHCR confirms that Nicaraguans with the second nationality that most request asylum in the world. In more positive news, on the other hand, the Colombian team goes to the semifinals in the Copa America

China's flag

The Winner of the War in Ukraine Will Be Neither Russia Nor the West, but China

The Asian superpower is the country that will be able to come out better after the economic crisis caused by the war in Ukraine

Boris Johnson

What Awaits Boris Johnson's Successor in the UK?

The still Prime Minister tendered his resignation on July 7, leaving a tough agenda for his successor in the UK government

Coins on a surface and Image of the telescope

Latin America in Short: Inflation Continues | Images of Space by the Webb Telescope

This week inflation in Latin America and the world continues to alarm us. However, in good news, new images of space captured by NASA's Webb telescope have been released, which have amazed the world. This and more summarized here

Ivan Trump

Breaking News: Ivana Trump: Donald Trump's First Wife Passed Away

Ivana Trump, First Wife of Former President Donald Trump, Dies at her Upper East Side Apartment in New York

Shinzo Abe

Is Shinzo Abe's Death the Fault of Japan's Gun Control Laws?

A debate has sparked in Japan over the assassination of Shinzo Abe, with some advocates of legal gun ownership claiming that current gun control laws cannot prevent human violence.

Protests in Sri Lanka

What is Happening in Sri Lanka, the Little Neighbor of the Almighty India?

Last week, videos of protests in Sri Lanka went viral. This is what you should know about the political and social crisis of this small island

Marinaleda sports hall with Che painted.

Marinaleda, the "Socialist Paradise" of Spain

In the province of Seville is the town of Marinaleda, whose social and economic model is based on a cooperative. How does this little "socialist paradise" work?

do not cross tape

What Can We Learn From the Recent Massacres Around the World?

LatinAmerican Post made an analysis of the details that are repeated in the people who have starred in some of the worst massacres in recent months, especially in the US. What health conditions do they have? What were their interests? Can they be considered terrorists?

Chile flag and sick woman wearing face mask

Latin America in Short: Chilean Constituent is Criticized | New Wave of COVID

This week the WHO and PAHO have already warned about a new wave of COVID. On the other hand, the Chilean constituent is harshly criticized by the English outlet The Economist. This and more summarized here

Shinzo Abe

Breaking News: Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was Assassinated

Shinzo Abe, Who was one of the Most Powerful Men a Couple of Years Ago, was Attacked While he was Giving a Political Speech Ahead of the Legislative Elections