Vaccine vases and people walking through a frontier

Latin America in Short: Layoffs for Non-vaccination | Migratory Crisis in Colombia

The migratory crisis in Colombia worsens this week due to statements by the vice president. On the other hand, in New York, massive layoffs take place due to the vaccination requirement. All explained in our weekly summary.

Woman getting vaccine

Why The Canada Strike is Pivotal for the Antivaxx Movement

Canada had to roll back vaccine passports after the most recent strikes ¿Is this the start of a global trend?

soldiers running

A solution to avoid a war in Ukraine

Given the tension between Russia and the West, many propose mandatory neutrality to avoid a war in Ukraine

Deforestetion and attack in Granada, Meta

Latin America in Short: Environmental Crimes and a New Attack in Colombia

There has been a new attack in Colombia and the list of the most wanted for environmental crimes has been published. These and other local and global news this week summarized and explained here.

Mali inhabitants near a river

Is Mali The Next Afghanistan?

The hostility of the Military Junta towards the troops of the French government in the midst of the crisis in Mali has created a scenario similar to that experienced between Afghanistan and the United States.

Picture of Brasilia, Brasil and Astana Kasajastan

8 Countries That Moved Their Capital

These are some countries that had to move their capital.

Abu Ibrahim al-Qurayshi and Egan Bernal

Latin America in Short: Islamic State Leader Falls and Egan Bernal in Recovery

The leader of the Islamic State fall this Thursday in a US operation, says President Joe Biden. On the other hand, Egan Bernal continues to recover, although it takes him a while to get back on the bike. This and more in our weekly summary.

Humanitarian crisis in Malawi

What goes unpublished: 10 crises the media ignores

The ONG care released a list of the 10 crises with the least media coverage

Doctor sosteniendo cubrebocas y antiséptico

Corruption: The Other Side of COVID-19

There are many cases of corruption related to the COVID-19 pandemic

Xiomara Castro de Zelaya and Luis Díaz

Latin America in Short: Honduras With New President and Luis Díaz Goes to England

Honduras has a new president this week. In sports, Luis Díaz goes to England. This and more are explained and summarized here.

View of a concrete building in Morocco and a group of people riding camels

The best countries to emigrate to Africa

Although it is not usually the first option for many, the continent has several interesting countries to emigrate to. Here we present the best countries to emigrate to Africa!

Breiner David Cucuñame

Latin America in Short: Attack and Murder of Environmentalist in Colombia

Colombia is horrified after the news of the first murder of an environmentalist in Colombia so far this year. In addition, there was an attack in the department of Arauca. These and other news are summarized here.

Joe Biden giving a speech

Joe Biden: One Year In Power

A year into his term, the US president has failed to unite a deeply divided country.

radiant sun and two people wearing a mask

Latin America in Short: Heat Wave and Restricted Freedoms in the Region

This week the heat wave in Argentina and claims by Human Rights Watch that freedoms have been restricted in the region have made headlines. This and more summarized here.