Donald Trump, Carlos Lehder and Bashar al-Assad

Trump's setbacks and other news of the week

Trump's setbacks in the high court and a controversy over a former drug trafficker released from prison are some news that took the front page this week .

Person sitting in the street.

Association between morbidity and poverty reversed during early US COVID-19 epidemic

After March, disproportionably more cases occurred in richer counties while poorer areas had higher death rates

Couple sitting side by side at a nursing home.

COVID-19 toll in nursing homes linked to staffing levels and quality

Residents of long-term care facilities suffer from higher rates of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths

Extra Police Powers

COVID-19: extra police powers could affect relationship with public for good

The extra powers of the police during Covid-19 will have an effect on their relationship with the public

Woman choosing lemons in a supermarket

COVID-19 will affect the food and financial security of many for years to come

Federal policy responses to the food insecurity crisis brought on by COVID-19 lack sufficient guidance, scope, and funding

Ruined street after an earthquake.

The 6 most important earthquakes in history

Recently, it was the 50th anniversary of the earthquake in Yungay, Peru. We decided to see what were the most important earthquakes in history.

Kim Jong-un and Kim Yo-jong.

North Korean attacked a South Korean office

A joint office of both countries exploded after a threat from Kim Yo-jong, sister of the North Korean leader, which will affect the dialogues between the two nations .

Standing people using their cell phones.

COVID-19: Relationship between social media use and prejudice

The pandemic provides a backdrop against which researchers analyze how websites like Facebook can influence dynamics between different social groups

Scientist testing with virus through test tubes.

Female researchers majorly under-represented in COVID-19 research

Gendered understandings of COVID-19 risk being missed as women are majorly under-represented in research authorship

Person lying on the sofa.

How COVID-19 has altered sleep in the United States and Europe

Stay-at-home orders related to the pandemic have had an impact on the daily lives of people and that includes the way that people sleep

Venezuelan migration, deforestation in the Amazon and Jacinda Ardern

5 international news of the week

These are the main news of this week

Illustration of COVID-19 Testing Outcomes

Putting COVID-19 diagnostic tests to the 'test': how do they hold up?

As COVID-19 has the potential to mutate, it is important to check the efficacy of current diagnostic tests

Senior woman having a self-isolation in a bedroom

Responding to challenges of older adults with Coronavirus

Older adults with COVID-19 who survive hospitalizations and return to their homes confront health challenges and an unpredictable future

Person using public transport.

18.2 million at increased risk of severe COVID-19

Racial minorities who are most likely to be inadequately insured among those at increased risk of severe complications from coronavirus

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