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SARS-CoV-2 mutations do not appear to increase transmissibility

None of the mutations currently documented in the SARS-CoV-2 virus appear to increase its transmissibility in humans, according to a study led by UCL researchers

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COVID-19 cases could nearly double before Biden takes office

Proven model developed by WashU predicts 20 million infected Americans by late January

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The Consequences of the Pandemic in the Gender Violence

Twenty-five years have passed since the world conference in Beijing, and yet no country in the world has achieved gender equality.

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COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness to be affected heavily by infrastructure, public attitudes

There are lots of ways to think about the effectiveness of a vaccine,' says Massachusetts General Hospital investigator Rochelle Walensky, MD

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The Secret Writing Created by Women

Jiangyong Nu Shu is a disappearing language created by women for women

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MMR vaccine could protect against COVID-19

The measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine has been theorized to provide protection against COVID-19 

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Does being fed up with quarantine lead to disobeying restrictions?

Pandemic fatigue causes different alarms due to the possible increase in cases of infections

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Massive dataset reveals which governments have best responded to COVID-19 pandemic

Researchers study the ability of democracies to react to global crisis

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COVID-19 highlights risks of wildlife trade

International research team including Göttingen University makes urgent call for more effective wildlife trade legislation

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What will change with Biden in cultural terms?

The democrat's mandate will imply a political but also social turn that could affect Latin America

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Time to rethink predicting pandemic infection rates?

Forecasting cannot foresee COVID-19 infection rates peaking or plateauing

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Common SARS-CoV-2 mutation may make coronavirus more susceptible to a vaccine

The mutation is not expected to interfere with the effectiveness of vaccines under development

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How will COVID-19 affect our next generation?

In-utero exposure to the coronavirus pandemic could cause developmental difficulties and accelerated aging in the century ahead, say USC researchers

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What are Donald Trump's next steps?

The lost re-election of Donald Trump would imply his return to the private sector