ETA: Josu Ternera and the last traces of the Basque terrorist group

One of the leaders of the terrorist organization ETA has been captured and that has awakened the memory of what was the extinct group of the Basque Country

Trump proposes a change in immigration policy

"Pro American, pro immigrant and pro worker": this will be, according to Trump, the new immigration system of the United States

It's a fact! Gay marriage is legal in Taiwan

This Friday, the Taiwan parliament approved the marriage of same-sex couples. Here we give you all the details

Pompeo in Sochi: a disagreement with the Venezuelan situation and others

In disagreements because of Venezuela and Iran, and with a cooperative attitude towards the reactivation of relations, ended the visit of Mike Pompeo in Russia

Julian Assange: between a rock and a hard place

After his expulsion from the Ecuadorian embassy, Assange is in the international focus with the reactivation of legal processes that may mean extradition

Confrontations in Gaza: the most lethal since 2014

With casualties on both sides, on Monday, May 6, a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel was launched after the clashes over the weekend

 Thailand and its eccentric king figure

The coronation of the King of Thailand was a three-day celebration full of eccentricities. Do you know what the figure of the king in this Nation means?

Spain: the new era of Pedro Sánchez

After 11 years, the socialist party won against the right. Pedro Sánchez is the new president of the Spanish Government

What the meeting between Kim and Putin left

After an unfruitful Hanoi summit, in which Kim Jong-un could not reach any agreement with Donald Trump, the North Korean leader met with Vladimir Putin

United States: Joe Biden begins to run for the presidency

This is the third time that former vice president, Joe Biden, has competed for the presidency. Several polls mark him as a favorite

'Change UK': the anti Brexit party

In the midst of tensions over Brexit, a new party has been created that hopes to hold the referendum against the departure of the United Kingdom

Independentism and Nationalism: what it is at stake in the Spanish elections

Next Sunday, April 28, Spaniards will vote at the polls for the new president of the government

Ukraine: comedy arrives to the presidency

After the elections on Sunday, the actor and comedian Vladimir Zelenski is the new president of Ukraine

The countries where children suffer most due to internal conflicts

Although they are too young to understand what is happening, the child population is the most affected by internal conflicts in their respective countries

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