Boris Johnson

Breaking news: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns

The Prime Minister of England announced today that he will resign from his post after a massive resignation in his cabinet

Fence of Ceuta, Spain

The Migratory Crisis Makes the Spanish Enclaves in Africa a Cemetery

The two Spanish cities in African territory, Ceuta and Melilla, are a strategic position for the European country but also a problem amplified by the migration crisis

Protests at the United States Supreme Court on the day Roe v Wade was overturned

"Roe vs. Wade": What other Rights Are at Stake after this Historic Ruling?

The historic ruling of the US Supreme Court on abortion could set a precedent that affects, like a domino effect, other rights that have been won

Protests in Ecuador and cyclone hits the bay

Latin America in Short: protests ceased on Ecuador | Tropical Cyclone Warning in the Caribbean

This week protests ceased on Ecuador. While the social crisis is happening in the Andean country, the Caribbean countries are on alarm due to a tropical cyclone. This and more summarized here

LGBT flag on boots

Terrorist Attacks on the LGBTI+ Community, a Chronic Problem

On June 25, the world woke up in mourning for a terrorist attack in Oslo in which 2 people died and 20 were injured. Attacks on the LGBTIQ+ community show that this is a chronic problem that we must take action on

Manu Buffara, Fatmata Binta and Monica Huerta

Sustainable Gastronomy Is Being Led by Women

These women seek to harmonize with the environment sustainably in the kitchen and responsibly take advantage of life's resources.

Francia Marquez and Gustavo Petro

Implications for Colombian Women Under President-Elect Gustavo Petro

Colombia will have its first leftist government in the century; Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez won the presidential election with 50,4% of the vote. Changes will impact women and might create new opportunities.

White House protests

Breaking news: Court repeals ruling that had legalized the right to abortion in the US.

Today it was official that the Supreme Court has overturned the ruling Roe vs. Wade, who recognized the right to abortion in the US, what is next and how does this influence Latin America?

Protestant in Ecuador and Diana Trujillo

Latin America in Short: Protests in Ecuador | Colombian suceeds at NASA

The protests in Ecuador have already lasted ten days and the dialogued exits are complicated. On the other hand, this week, Diana Trujillo, a Colombian engineer, was selected as NASA's new flight director. This and more summarized here

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen

Figures That Overshadowed Emmanuel Macron In France

The legislative defeat of President Emmanuel Macron forces him to negotiate with other figures in French politics who have resurfaced in the midst of the crisis


Russian and Chinese imperialism in Latin America? The Increasing iInfluence Of Superpowers

While the United States loses influence in Latin America, Russia and China take advantage of it to strengthen their economic and military presence in the area.

Woman sitting on the floor

Natalia Rendón: Another Victim of the Sexist Institution?

A renowned lender of political campaigns in Colombia was prosecuted after being accused of the crime of domestic violence against his sentimental partner, Natalia Rendón. This happened last May 23rd, in the capital city of Bogotá, Colombia.

Bitcoin coins on dollar bills and Nayib Bukele's photo

The Great Fortunes Threatened By The Fall Of Bitcoin

From personal fortunes to the Salvadoran economy, the fall of Bitcoin has put those who have given their trust in check

Jorge Mera and monkeys on a surface

Latin America in Short: Dominican Minister Was Assassinated | WHO Warns About Monkeypox

This week, a Dominican minister was assassinated. The WHO also warned of monkeypox, which would already reach Latin America