Trans community: this is the struggle for their rights

From all parts of the world, transgender women fight constantly for their rights making them visible and that they are not violated anymore

US elections: 'Kamala Harris: for the people'

A new contender is thrown into the ring of the US presidential race

Kidnapping and censorship: 3 journalists arrested in Venezuela

EFE reported the arrest of three journalists in Caracas by the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service

Mahatma Gandhi: 71 years of his death

Despite being remembered as a peaceful leader, Gandhi was also harshly criticized

What will happen to the transgender militaries in the United States?

The Supreme Court of the United States made a decision regarding the recruitment of the transgender militaries, which represents a setback for that community

Geopolitics: the most relevant global risk

In the midst of the World Economic Forum, held in Davos, Switzerland, the report assessing the main global risks was presented

Is Latin Americans' support to Donald Trump growing?

A survey published by the networks NPR and PBS, ensures that the support of the Latin American community to Donald Trump has increased, going from 31% to 50%. What are the bases for that conclusion?

Russia vs. United States: a fight for Venezuela

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, said that the United States remains in its warlike expansionism to undermine states that differ from them

January 27: Commemoration Day for the victims of the Holocaust

After 74 years of liberating one of the largest concentration camps, how is anti-Semitism today in Europe?

The longest shutdown in history ends: Trump backs down

El cierre del gobierno termina, pero en el acuerdo firmado todavía no hay evidencia del presupuesto necesario para financiar el muro

Macedonia vs. Greece: will the conflict end?

The dispute between Macedonia and Greece over the change of name of the first country could be coming to an end after 27 years

Theresa May and her beloved Brexit

After two years of negotiation for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, the Brexit has proved to be a headache for Theresa May

Donald Trump: 2 years in the presidency

After fulfilling 2 years in the presidency of the United States, these have been 3 of the main actions of the mandate of Donald Trump

United States: crisis in the Women's March?

The Women's March in the United States took place over the weekend, the same day that Trump served 2 years as president, but this time without so much success