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Top 10 Free Programs for Anonymous Instagram Story Viewing

There exist several tools for viewing Instagram stories anonymously. We have compiled a list of ten popular and free programs for Instagram story viewing, along with some of the best apps for 2023

Still from the series 'Queen Cleopatra'

Representation Of Race Or Marketing?: What Lets Us See "Queen Cleopatra"

The new Netflix docuseries questions the supposed representation of race that is made of historically discriminated groups. This lets us see "Queen Cleopatra"

Woman hugging a girl

The emotional challenges of adopting a child

Adoption brings an onslaught of emotions for adoptive mother, the child, and the family. Be mindful of the impact of biases

Woman practicing jui jitsu

The benefits of practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Through the interaction of bodies and the mutual understanding of corporality,  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu promotes perseverance, discipline, and self-awareness


Casino Entertainment: Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines Explained

More and more online and land-based casinos feature progressive jackpot slot machines in their game lobbies. But what are they, and how do you win them?

Frame from the video game 'Hogwarts Legacy'

"Hogwarts Legacy", The Video Game that Seeks to Transgress the Legacy of "Harry Potter"

"Hogwarts Legacy" tries to overcome the boycott of which it is a victim and presents a new reality of the "Harry Potter" universe

Slot Games

Online Slot Games Or Other Casino Games?

The popularity of slot machines from the most trusted online casino sites is undeniable, as you can see if you visit a casino during peak hours

Slot Games

Why Online Slots Are So Popular

​​Have you ever found yourself wondering why slot games are so enjoyable to play? Since the slot machine was invented in 1894, the game's exciting themes and indisputable replay value have been delighting users across the globe

League of Legends

The Most Popular Online Games in Central America

In this blog post, we'll take a look at the top seven most popular online games in Central America and what makes them so appealing to players

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4 Tips for Having a Sustainable Christmas

The December Auction is One of the Times of the Year that Generates the Most Impact on the Environment. What Tips can be Applied to Reduce it? Here we tell you How to Have a Sustainable Christmas

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6 Very Curious Christmas Traditions: How do They Celebrate Christmas in Other Parts of the World?

In Addition to the Universal Icon of Santa Claus, the Christmas Tree and the Gifts, there are Other Very Curious Christmas Traditions and Customs Around the World. Here we Show you 6 Curious Christmas Traditions.

Online Casino

Are online Casinos Legal in California?

Here are some important facts about online casinos and California

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The Hottest Online Casino Games That Offer Huge Wins

If you have an interest in casino games, but don’t know where to start with online casinos, this article will give you an overview of the gambling site hell spin casino hottest online casino games that offer huge wins

Silvana Estrada

Silvana Estrada, Inspiring Strength Through Her Poetry and Songs

Thanks to “Te Guardo”, a song Silvana Estrada wrote at 17,  she became known in 2018 by independently releasing her EP “Primeras Canciones”

Leonor Espinosa, Colombian chef

Leonor Espinosa, Best Female Chef in the World: Is Cooking Different According to Gender?

The Colombian Chef, Owner of the LEO Restaurant, was Highlighted as the Best Female Chef in the World in 2022. Here are the Details of the Recognition of Leonor Espinosa.

Mother carrying her son

4 Podcasts to Listen to On Mother's Day

 In this article, we present 4 podcasts that you should listen to on Mother's Day

Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Shonda Rhimes and Jenji Kohan

Television's Most Important Women Screenwriters

Many women screenwriters in the television industry made history. Here we tell you everything about them.

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The Best Knife for Your Agent — Karambit Crimson Web

Crimson Web is one of the most attractive aesthetic choices that suits many characters.

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Best Science Podcast in Spotify

Now that Spotify is the target of the “digital torches”, we we leave some of its informative content. These are our science podcast recommendations.

Lanterns hung on Chinese New Year celebration

Everything you don't know about the Chinese New Year, a millennial celebration

Beyond the clichés, the Chinese New Year is a party with a deep meaning.