Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson, Game 'Call of Duty' and Luke Perry.

The weekend has arrived! Enjoy it with these 5 news

Start the weekend aware of everything that happened in the life of your favorites celebrities.

Street of the city of Bogotá, Colombia.

"At 11 we close." Bogotá, the city of immortal culture

I am thinking of arriving at Amber cafe, a nice place that serves as a cultural office.

Justin Bieber and his two pets.

Justin Bieber and 5 other celebrities with exotic pets

The Canadian singer was criticized for the acquisition of two fine and expensive cats, but he is not the only one.

Slopes of the city of Caracas, Venezuela.

Quiz: How much do you know about Venezuela?

With this quiz you can test your knowledge about the oil country

Scene from the movie 'Poker'. - Bieber wedding photo. - Photo of Kylie Jenner.

Start your weekend with these 5 news

The weekend is approaching, and what better way to start resting than simply updating yourself with what happened this week in the world of entertainment.

Resident - Becky G and J-Hope.

Start your weekend with these 5 news

Finally, one more week comes to an end! Disconnect from everything and relax reading this news of your favorite celebrities.

Michael Jackson, Victoria Beckham and Ric Ocasek.

Entertainment: 7 news that you can't miss

Don't miss this round of entertainment news!

View of the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

How much do you know about Argentina?

Have fun with this quiz and test your knowledge

Portrait of René Descartes.

How much do you know about general culture?

Test your knowledge of general culture with this fun quiz

Contestants in the Miss Transgender Beauty pageant, from the Mexican states of Puebla, front left, and Colima stand during the opening event in Mexico City

A trans beauty contest seeks acceptance in Mexico

Contestants toured the stage with gowns of dizzying necklines and answered questions about climate change and human rights

chef y maquina de pasta

Searching for superpowers? Female chefs look into forgotten ingredients

On three continents, three women have taken three different paths to find healthy and tasty solutions to one of the world’s greatest health crises - poor nutrition.

Premio MTV MIAW, de fondo gente del público en la entrega de premios MTV 2018

MTV Miaw: the essence of a generation

The awards that were held in Mexico on June 23 are the clear example of what is the 'Millennial' generation: social media, urban music and many colors

Sergio Trujillo - Fotografía New York Broadway

Where is the Latino community on Broadway?

A choreographer born in Colombia was one of the few Latin American quotas present in this edition of the Tony Awards

Papá con su hija - Regalo con moño

Gift ideas to Father's Day

Here we will give you some ideas to make dad happy in his day

The youtuber who got tired of fame

The goal of a youtuber is to achieve millions of subscribers, live from that and be recognized worldwide. That was the case of Juan Paéz, but fame soon turn tiring

7 gifts for Mother's Day

Do you already know that you are going to give it to your mother on this date? Here we bring you 7 ideas

Small kitchen: How to maximize the spaces?

Discover how to improve your kitchen space to make it look bigger and brighter

Cafe Musicast: a review of a podcast

While the podcaster culture in Colombia is still not popular, in LatinAmerican Post we reviewed a new series created by two old music-lovers friends

The craziest hairstyles in the history of soccer

Hairstyles have been a way for soccer players to define an identity look and to differentiate themselves from others. Here we show you the craziest

What do you need to marry your same-sex partner if you are not Marc Jacobs?

About the wedding of the American designer, we found out how easy it is to really celebrate a gay wedding in the state of New York

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