Ideas for a vegetarian Christmas dinner

We present you some ideas to prepare a delicious vegetarian dinner for your guests at Christmas

Mandela effect: a false collective memory

The mandela effect refers to certain memories that are built within society, a collective memory about specific events that, in the end, end up being a lie

3 fun facts that you didn't know about Christmas

This special date is coming and we bring you this data with which you can surprise everyone at your Christmas dinner

Christmas is here! 4 tips to decorate your home while being ecofriendly

If you still have not decorated your home this Christmas season, we will help you to do it in an ecological way

Do you want to be an astronaut? These are the 5 requirements of NASA

What many dreamed when they were children, is more possible than you think. These are NASA's requirements to be astronauts

Historic event: after 37 years Iranian women were able to witness football matches

In 2018 the world witnessed a historic event. Are we closer to gender equality?

4 superheroes who fight crime and change diapers

All superheroes have secret identities. These superheroes are fathers and mothers

Red Dead Redemption 2: live like in the wild west

The latest videogame of the Rockstar company offers us the opportunity to feel like real outlaws

Comic-Con takes over Latin America

This month, Colombia and Bolivia will receive the best of the world of comics. Then they will be followed by Argentina and Mexico

4 video games that are also pieces of art

Here you will find a list of video games so beautiful and with a great artistic influence that you would not stop playing. One was named Best Video Game of the Year in 2012

Do you like blind dates? Facebook Dating is for you!

Facebook Dating, the new tool of the social media, has been working in Colombia for a week now. We tell you our first impressions

These are the extravagances of these 3 drug dealers

The profits of drug trafficking gave these drug lords and their families the opportunity to fulfill their most extravagant earthly desires

Teen Choice Awards 2018: these are this year's teens' favorites

The strangest winners, a Latino takeover, and the most important awards chosen by the American teen audience

"The kitchen is like the painter's canvas, and the paintings are the ingredients"

We spoke to Colombian chef Ricardo Sandoval about how cooking is a whole ritual for the senses

8 tips to take incredible landscape pictures

Landscape photography is now so much easier! Here you will find some tips that can guide you to innovate in this style of photo

From "flying" brooms to a Barbie that turns everything into gold, the most controversial toys

Fun is the premise, but in these cases, not the final result

4 gastronomic congresses in Latin America to taste, learn and travel

Find here a list of the most renowned encounters in Latin American gastronomy that no culinary enthusiast can miss

Did you know that women are the protagonists of these video games?

These three video games are notable for having as main character female figures that break the gender stereotypes within this industry. Do you know of what games we are talking about?

Have you always wanted to be an emoji? Now it is possible with these applications

Find here a guide for beginners of the newest applications to create your own emojis

Five curiosities of the World Cup Russia 2018

Why is a whole country celebrating when it loses 6-1 and what is the most spoken language of the World Cup?

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