Horoscope: What does Mars in Gemini bring us?

This week Mars enters Gemini and gives us a multitasking energy, while Venus is in Pisces and gives us creativity for everything that comes our way.


Horoscope: What does the energy of Pisces bring us?

This week we begin to feel the energy of Mercury directly, the sun is already in Pisces, Venus enters the sign of Pisces and this helps us to enhance our creativity, finalize pending issues and connect with ourselves


Horoscope: Uranus and Saturn, the great protagonists

This week we have the first square of Saturn and Uranus, this will be repeated three times a year, so be very aware of the issues that come out this week because they will be the ones that will be worked on throughout the year


Horoscope: Exploding with Aquarius Energy

This week we have an explosion of Aquarian energy, and the new moon adds to give an important opening


Horoscope: Mercury retrograde arrives in Aquarius

It is important to understand that this season is not bad, since Mercury Retrograde has a very bad reputation, but in reality it is a season to internalize and reflect on issues that will come out in these three weeks


Horoscope: Full Moon in Leo

The first full moon of the year is the sign of leo


Horoscope: Aquarius Season

Happy return to the aquarium sun! This season is full of changes, of connecting with new learnings and groups, but above all of defending our authenticity


Horoscope: New Moon in Capricorn

This week we have several important events: Uranus goes live and the new moon in Capricorn


Horoscope: Happy 2021!

Several people may have forgotten to do rituals to close 2020, so today I bring you little rituals that you can do at any time from the energy of 2021 for each sign.

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Horoscope: Closing 2020

Happy end of year! This difficult 2020 closes but leaves us with many learnings, this year it forced us to look within and therefore to heal many things.

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Horoscope: the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius

On the 21st we have this conjunction that for many years we have not had in air signs, this brings us an opening to changes

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Horoscope: Solar eclipse in Sagittarius

Nothing in 2020 was quiet and neither was its end of the year. Be careful, not because it is bad but quite the opposite: this last eclipse is an opening to change for this 2021

Moon Valley

Horoscope: What does the moon bring us in Virgo?

This week we will have several important aspects and a last quarter moon in the sign of Virgo

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Horoscope: Lunar eclipse in Gemini

With the passage of this week, the eclipses begin to make sense for us in order to allow us to transmute what we want to release

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Horoscope: Happy return to the Sagittarius sun!

This week several things happen, the first is the entry of Venus, the planet of relationships, in the sign of Scorpio and the sun in Sagittarius

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Horoscope: Mars went live

After several months where everything cost us twice as much, so much to feel that things were stagnant, now everything begins to resume its course