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Horoscope: Mercury is no longer retrograding

Find out what this week brings to you

 Carlos Alcaraz

Horoscope: Happy Scorpio season!

Find out what Scorpio brings for your sign


Horoscope: what the New moon in Libra leaves us

The new moon in Libra on Friday 16 makes us think about our relationship with the other, be it friends or partner


Horoscope: Mercury Retrograde Returns

The famous Mercury retrograde returns and with it a lot of pending conversations will awake deep emotions


Horoscope: What does Pluto bring us direct?

We will see what it is that we have let go of and what we are helping to grow within us


Horoscope: What does Saturn bring us this week?

This week we can review what we have been learning the last months, what limits us and which internal structures have changed


Horoscope: Libra season is here!

The Libra season brings the need to reconnect with others, harmonize our spaces, and seek that balance we have been working on since the Virgo season


Horoscope: What does the new Moon in Virgo bring?

Every moon helps us start things, and with the current astrological climate, what we decide to start this week will be to stay for a good time


Horoscope: What does Mars Retrograde bring to each sign?

The retro energy of Mars is an invitation to look within and be aware of our constancy, passions, anger, impulses


Horoscope: What does the full moon in Pisces bring us?

The moon in Pisces brings us emotions to the surface, but it is also a perfect moon to internalize the processes that we have been working on throughout this year


Horoscope: Happy Birthday Virgo!

Happy return to the sun to all Virgos and discover what this energy brings to each sign


Horoscope: What does Uranus retrograde bring to each sign?

Even if its energy doesn't feel as strong as that of other retrograde planets, let's take advantage of its rebellious energy to get out of your comfort zone


Horoscope: What does the astral climate bring to each sign?

It will be a month where we will realize that the energy repressed for a few months begins to have strength in these weeks. So let's get ready to harness the energy of the stars


Horoscope: What does the full moon in Aquarius bring us?

The Full Moon in Aquarius is a close of six months since we last had it in this sign in January. What group changes have they had?


Horoscope: the barriers we set to ourselves

The astrological climate for this week tells us to start working what we feel limits us and that we finish visualizing with the last new moon in Cancer


Horoscope: What does Mercury bring direct for each sign?

Mercury finally starts straight, it will be a couple days while we adapt to its energy. Find out what the stars bring you this week