Horoscope from March 25 to March 31, 2019

We present you this week's horoscope so you can start it in the best way

Pay attention to the stars this week

This is what the stars have prepared for you this week

Horoscope from March 4 to 10, 2019

This is what awaits you this week according to the stars

Horoscope: this is how the Pisces season begins

A few days ago we entered the pisces season. Learn how the position of the planets will affect you in this zodiacal sign

Horoscope: this is how planets will affect you

The Sun enters Pisces, the Moon fills Virgo, and some planets align! FInd out how these planetary positions affect you

Horoscope: find out what happens when Venus enters Capricorn

Venus enters Capricorn. What does this transit bring to the signs of the zodiac?

Horoscope: This is how February begins

What is coming this week for the signs?

Horoscope: What brings the lunar eclipse?

Find out how the signs are affected by the lunar eclipse

Horoscope: the signs will reborn this week

This week will be the union between the Sun and Pluto, which makes us reevaluate and be reborn. Find out how this energy affects the zodiacal signs

Horoscope: this how the eclipse will affect your week

This week, we will start with the first eclipse of the year!

Horoscope: these are the predictions for 2019

2019 will represent great transformations in what we thought gave us stability. Even so, we will be plagued by opportunities and for each sign, the opportunities will be different

Horoscope: this is how the signs end the year

The astrological year began a less than a month ago, so before the end of this year, we can taste the next one

Horoscope: discover what the full moon will bring you on Christmas Eve

Under the influence of the full moon in Cancer, we start the week with incredible energy to start a new cycle with Christmas night

Horoscope: Close your wounds with the end of the year

Venus continues advancing through Scorpio, Chiron is placed directly so that all signs culminate a process of healing past wounds

 Horoscope from December 3 to 9

Stellium in Sagittarius. Mercury starts straight. Venus again makes us question about our relationships

Horoscope: Discover what Venus will bring you!

The lunar nodes changes! Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune are retrograde and Venus goes straight