Bolivia: Violence against women in politics does not diminish

Although the public positions held by women in Bolivia are increasingly increasing, political gender violence also increases

Mexico's challenge is migration

The geographical location and the instability of the countries of the region have made Mexico one of the nations that receive the most migrants in the continent.

Spain: Plan B for Venezuelan migrants

Job opportunities and low cost of living are some of the reasons for Venezuelans traveling to Spain

Is the life sentence for rapists and murderers of children proposed by Duque viable?

Since 2008 the same proposal has been made but has not been successful at the time of approval

Being a journalist in Latin America is the most dangerous job

The coverage of issues related to corruption and human rights have become some reasons why journalists are killed

Colombia: This is what the 31st Week for Peace will bring

Here you can find all about the Week for Peace, the changes of the initiative in these three decades and what will bring this new edition that begins on September 2

Sex tourism: an alarming reality in the Colombian Caribbean

In 2018, Colombia was the center of one of the most important operations against child sex tourism, with which it was possible to dismantle one of the largest prostitution networks

Scarcity and malnutrition are killing Venezuelan children

During 2017, at least six children died a week from malnutrition. It is estimated that by 2018 some 280,000 could die for the same cause

Shameful and painful: Latin American pedophilia cases that embarrass the Catholic Church

Cases of sexual abuse of minors in Mexico, Peru and Chile are added to the pedophilia scandals revealed by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

This is the panorama of trans indigenous women in Colombia

In Colombia, many trans indigenous women were forced to leave their home, after being rejected by their community

Argentina: New trial against the dictatorship militaries

The Argentine justice opens another chapter with the fourth trial for the events that occurred in the School of Mechanics of the Navy

No more impunity: Who is the person condemned for the murder of Jaime Garzón?

After a 19-year investigation, a judge sentenced a senior official to 30 years in prison and a fine of 500 minimum monthly salaries

Mothers by force: What women from El Salvador suffer due to gangs

Under threats and constant vigilance, Salvadoran women are forced to take care of the children of gang members

As the Argentine senate rejects the legal abortion, How can we compare it to the case in Uruguay?

On August 9, the Argentine Senate decided to reject the Law of Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy

Colombia: Women submit report on sexual violence cases to Special Jurisdiction for Peace

The challenge will be to overcome the impunity of 97% that exists in cases of sexual violence associated with the armed conflict in Colombia

What is the protocol to guarantee social protest in Colombia and where does it come from?

The Colombian government presented this week the "Protocol for the coordination of actions of respect and guarantee of peaceful protest"

The Nicaraguan crisis worsens: doctors are being fired for attending protesters

Doctors assure that their dismissals are unjustified, and that these are the result of taking care of wounded protesters against Daniel Ortega

"The defenders are the voices where there is no State": UN Special Rapporteur

During his visit to Colombia, Michel Forst, UN Special Rapporteur, spoke about the situation of the human rights defenders

Abused nuns, a disturbing reality in Chile

The cases recorded by law enforcement agencies are only the tip of the iceberg, as they are often handled behind closed doors

Life sentence for child rapists in Colombia: On which side of the scale are you?

It is expected that in 2019 citizens can decide at the polls whether or not to impose life sentences for child molesters

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