In Mexico, migrants are also persecuted and mistreated

Paradoxically, the Mexican government acts against Central American citizens in the same way that the United States does

Colombia: The towns and municipalities also rally against the assassinations of social leaders

This was the Velatón in Madrid, Cundinamarca: "We are here to show that social leaders do not die with impunity, and this is something that belongs to the people, rather than to the government itself"

Venezuela’s crisis reaches this point: The suicide rate exceeds the world average

"In several areas of the country there is an increase in the number of suicides. Merida would be the epicenter" affirms the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence

This is the Latin American country that receives the most refugees

According to UN statistics, in 2017 every two seconds a person was displaced

Latin America: The LGBTI community and their struggle to defend their rights

Despite progress and achievements, Latin America is still far from fully guaranteeing the rights of the LGBTI community

Why is the LGBT community afraid of the new government in Colombia?

Iván Duque has received broad support from the most conservative and religious sectors of the country, which generated alarm within the LGBT community

Peru: A university forbids wearing "provocative" clothing and the measure has been highly criticized

For the directors of the institution, the regulations aim to eliminate distractions and avoid cases of sexual harassment, but there is no evidence that a woman's clothing can affect her learning process

After an alarming case, Egypt wants to put an end to female genital mutilation

The Arab country promulgated a religious edict against female genital mutilation

Venezuela: A stampede in Caracas leaves 17 young people dead

The explosion of a can of tear gas in a nightclub in Caracas was the cause of the tragedy

To be an environmentalist in Latin America is synonymous of death?

58% of the homicides to environmentalists that occur in the world are registered in Latin American countries

The United States finances the dirty war against the gangs in El Salvador

The North American country supports paramilitaries economically to execute the leaders of the gangs

Extrajudicial executions: the practice strengthens in Latin America

Authoritarian regimes in Latin America have not only violated democracy in the region but have standardized practices such as extrajudicial executions

Migration: Mexico deports more undocumented immigrants than the United States

In the south of Mexico, in the border of the Aztec country with Guatemala, there is a wall that nobody talks about

Latin America: The region with more abortions

With the result of the referendum that allows abortion in one of the most conservative societies in the Western hemisphere, the issue takes relevance in the world because of the positions that are faced

Peru: Is chemical castration the solution to child abuse?

The Peruvian Congress approved life sentences for child rapists, however, chemical castration is still in doubt

Blood donation: A debate between business and urgency

Three countries in Latin America are a global example in blood donation without remuneration

Colombia: women take over the ship "Gloria"

More than fifty women will be aboard the training ship "Gloria", the flagship of the Colombian National Navy, beginning a new era of the Colombian Naval Force

The collapse of the Chilean Church: All the bishops of the country resign

The Vatican could no longer ignore allegations of sexual abuse

Xenophobia in New York: more Latinos victims of this situation

The comments of lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, in the heart of Manhattan, set the alarm about xenophobia

Latin America: The region with the most homicides in the world

43 of the 50 cities with the highest homicide rate in the world are in Latin America, according to Igarapé Institute

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