The Silent Sentinels

“The Silent Sentinels”: The Fight for the American Women’s Vote

In 1916, a group of women, called “The Silent Sentinels”, barricaded themselves at the gates of the White House.

Choiba dolls

Choiba, dolls that tell stories and realities of the Afro ethnic group in Quibdó.

Twenty years ago, four women displaced by violence in Colombia began making hand-embroidered dolls for displaced people in Quibdó


Kankuamo Women Preserve Their Community Thanks to Technology

We tend to believe that indigenous communities use information and communication technologies, or the Internet, very little or not at all, due to their beliefs.

American aviator / pilot Amelia Earhart

Celebrate women every day. Time's 100 Women of the Year

On Friday, a few days before International Women´s Day, Time magazine released '100 Women of the Year', a list celebrating influential females.

Still from the trailer of the video 'Because She Watched'.

Here's what to watch on International Women's Day

Netflix and UN Women launched "Because She Watched", a collection of TV shows, movies, and documentaries curated by women from all over the world. 

Women covering her face.

Women, identity loss and acid attacks

Most acid attacks towards women use the face as a target as a way to erase their identity and make their interpersonal relationships harder. 

Khianna Lacouture Doria.

Women who rewrite history in Colombia: Kiana, the queen of the heroic

Kiana, a Trans woman member of the table of victims of the armed conflict in the city of Cartagena, talks about her experience as a queen of sexual diversity.

Three women during a meeting.

What can you do in 2020 to help achieve gender parity?

Since recent research shows that we are still far from gender parity, here are a few things you can do in 2020 to help shorten the gap

The Huáscar, a dispute between Chile and Peru with 135 years of history

The Huáscar is a ship that participated in the War of the Pacific, fought between Peru, Chile and Bolivia, in which the latter lost its exit to the sea.

Woman using earphones.

5 podcasts made for and by women

If you are needing a dose of girl power, here are 10 podcasts that you need to add to your queue. 

Woman delivering candy to a girl on Halloween.

Find out how Halloween is celebrated around the world

Beyond dressing up and eating candy, Halloween is a celebration that honors the dead and has an impact on different cultures.

Teacher Blas Duarte shows letters in the Maka language at a school used by children of the Paraguayan ethnic group Maka, in Mariano Roque Alonso, Paraguay July 18, 2019.

Latin American indigenous people fight for the survival of their languages

Dozens of indigenous languages in Latin America are rapidly disappearing due to discrimination, forced displacement and technology

Aboriginal performer known as 'Turtle' reacts as he holds his didgeridoo during a ceremony to mark the start of National Reconciliation Week for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Sydney, Australia

Tasmania's Aboriginal groups divided over new place naming policy

Tasmania's original dual-naming policy, first adopted in 2012, gives Aboriginal names to geographical features that already have European names, so that both appear side-by-side on signage, maps and official documents and publications

Dos niñas jugando en un parque y sosteniendo banderas LGBT

From Cuba to Macedonia, 6 facts about LGBT+ pride marches

More than 100 people participated in Cuba's first Pride march

Artista Icaro Zorbar y una de sus obras

Icaro Zorbar: the repairing artist

Until next September 1, the artist Icaro Zorbar will exhibit the greatest work of his career at the Modern Art Museum in Bogotá

Aquelarre en el siglo XXI más allá de la brujería

Coven in the 21st century: beyond witchcraft

A clan of sorcerers in Cúcuta revealed us some of their secrets

Mujer sobre una motocicleta en una calle

Transgender artists make headway in Latin American culture

Artists from Argentina and Uruguay share art and stories of LGBT acceptance and progress in their countries

Ieoh Ming Pei: this was the architect behind the Louvre Pyramid

On May 16, the architect of the famous Louvre's Pyramid, Ieoh Ming Pei, died. Here we tell you about his most representative works and about his career as an architect

Meet this young Muslim woman who's breaking cultural barriers

With her community work, Marcela Cárdenas seeks to be an innovative social proposal within the textile market

5 must-see Latin celebrations at Easter

Latin America is a territory where Holy Week is lived with a huge passion, that is why we present five activities you can not miss in these festivities