People light the graves of their loved ones with candles

Vibrant Memories: Understanding the Day of the Dead's Deep Significance

As the marigold petals scatter and sugar skulls gleam under the moonlit November skies, Día de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, blossoms not just in Mexico but around the globe. This celebration, transcending mere remembrance, knits a vibrant tapestry of life, death, and cultural continuity.

Baby with his two moms

#World Family Day: Embracing Diversity

Foster families, adoptive families, childless couples, nuclear families, and same-sex parent families are some examples of the evolving diversity of families

Woman in Ramadan

What Ramadan means for Muslim women?

There is nothing like reading a Muslim woman talking about her experience with this celebration and learning about her perspective and customs. Thanks To Fanny Ochoa, Director of the Ibero-American Halal Institute and Center for Advanced Islamic Studies

Dr Tererai Trent

Dr. Tererai Trent: A Reminder of Inspiration, Empowerment, and Healing

Dr. Tererai Trent is a scholar, humanitarian, and women's rights advocate whose incredible story of perseverance and dedication has inspired people all over the world.

operating room

Seeking Longevity Leads to Irreversible Changes

We live in a society that presents myriad social pressures in terms of physical appearance, which leads many people to develop an irrational fear of aging

gender dysphoria

Let’s Talk About Gender Dysphoria. Why Are Cases Increasing?

Currently, there is a great socio-cultural challenge in terms of accepting the increase in people who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria,

Cover of the book 'Thus Began Our Oblivion'

Así Comenzó Nuestro Olvido, Book by Trudy Jordan

The story used to be told from the male voice, traditional and cultural memories were deprived of being told by female voices for many years and even more so from literature.

People dancing salsa in the street

Tribute to Colombian Women in the Capital of Salsa

Within the framework of the festivities, the role of women in Cali culture has been and continues to be indisputable.

Teresita Goyeneche Perezbardi

Cartagena De Indias: A Dream Paradise for Everyone and Owned by No One

The city of Cartagena de Indias, located in the Colombian Caribbean, is one of those cities that could become a dream destination for many, for tourism or simply to walk the streets

maria del rio

She Is Maria Del Rio, Cultural Ambassador in Qatar

Of Mexican origin, María Del Río has spent two years disseminating aspects of Qatari culture in English and Spanish

Woman face

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

November 25 marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, created to denounce the violence exercised daily against women worldwide.

Man with defense pose

Masculine Stereotypes That We Should Break

International Men's Day is celebrated every November 19 and seeks to break stereotypes that stigmatize and discriminate

intersex symbols

Intersex Solidarity, Is an Approach That We All Should Know About

Today, an obligatory topic is to talk about the various issues related to sexuality and learn more about the realities of people who sometimes seem distant from our own

Penelope Guerrero

What Is Being a Woman, by a Trans Woman

Penelope Guerrero, Spanish, originally from Jerez de la Frontera, in her TEDxRealejo shares with us her life journey when she wanted to undertake the transition to gender change.

The Silent Sentinels

“The Silent Sentinels”: The Fight for the American Women’s Vote

In 1916, a group of women, called “The Silent Sentinels”, barricaded themselves at the gates of the White House.

Choiba dolls

Choiba, dolls that tell stories and realities of the Afro ethnic group in Quibdó.

Twenty years ago, four women displaced by violence in Colombia began making hand-embroidered dolls for displaced people in Quibdó


Kankuamo Women Preserve Their Community Thanks to Technology

We tend to believe that indigenous communities use information and communication technologies, or the Internet, very little or not at all, due to their beliefs.

American aviator / pilot Amelia Earhart

Celebrate women every day. Time's 100 Women of the Year

On Friday, a few days before International Women´s Day, Time magazine released '100 Women of the Year', a list celebrating influential females.

Still from the trailer of the video 'Because She Watched'.

Here's what to watch on International Women's Day

Netflix and UN Women launched "Because She Watched", a collection of TV shows, movies, and documentaries curated by women from all over the world. 

Women covering her face.

Women, identity loss and acid attacks

Most acid attacks towards women use the face as a target as a way to erase their identity and make their interpersonal relationships harder.