The indigenous languages are the protagonists of 2019

The UN declared 2019 the International Year of Indigenous Languages (IYIL2019) in order to raise awareness about the danger of their disappearance

Art: the option of young people in the Commune 13

The Commune 13 has been one of the most marginalized places in the history of Medellín, however, today it is proposed to change weapons for art and culture

Health, knowledge and flavors: Latin America in a single recipe book

Latin American women share the recipes of their ancestral dishes in a very special recipe book

Januhairy: Enough of shaving!

The Januhairy movement seeks to encourage women not to wax during January, as a form of acceptance and empowerment of women

After 200 years Afro-Mexicans will be recognized as a minority

After years of struggle, the Mexican black population will be recognized as a minority. They will receive support to promote their culture and recognition

5 amazing archaeological discoveries in Latin America

Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala and Mexico are some of the countries with surprising archaeological findings that will leave you open-mouthed

We celebrate Day of the Dead with offerings, festivals, and food

This November 1st and 2nd, Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead. In LatinAmerican Post we present 3 festivals that you can not miss

Breaking gender barriers: 5 Latin dance groups you should know

From vogue to merengue, here you can find 5 Latino groups that break traditional gender categories with their dance

The world is in mourning: 200 years of history burned in the National Museum of Brazil

On the night of September 2, the National Museum of Brazil was consumed by flames and with it 200 years of knowledge and history

4 reggaeton quotes that will inspire you

Who says that being a popular genre does not teach us philosophy of life?

4 popular festivals to visit in Latin America between June and November

A tour through the most representative cultures, rituals, and traditions of Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru

Latin America has always danced: Which of your favorite dances have been around for centuries?

These are three typical dances that we inherited from indigenous cultures

What are the ministries of culture for?

Good or bad, without these organs there would be no one who would drive the citizens' creative projects in most of Latin America

If you are in Bogotá, try this historical tour for this July 20th

Find here a tour of 3 of the most important houses in the history of Colombian independence, which is celebrated this Friday

Funza: the town of Colombia that bets on bilingualism

This municipality of Cundinamarca is the first one that wants to turn all its population IGNORE INTO English speakers, and it is a question of identity

Who is Chita Rivera and why did she win one of the most prestigious awards in theatre?

Meet the woman of Puerto Rican descent who is the first Latina to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Tonys

The soundtrack of the Venezuelan Diaspora

These songs are the product of the political, economic, and social crisis that Venezuela is going through

"13 Reasons Why": real life teen suicides that surpass fiction and show the need for awareness

With the second season of the controversial Netflix show coming out today, we take an opportunity to show that this is a real life issue, and not just a TV one

The father of the mixed race: a story of romance

This is the story of how Gonzalo Guerrero and Mayan princess Zazil Ha took the first step in creating the racially diverse society that Latin America is today

Vienna: this Colombian is the new director of the Wiener Symphoniker

Who is Andrés Orozco-Estrada?