How functional training might help as you age

Functional training: Can it help as you age?

This training modality has benefits for health, balance, strength, and coordination

What causes wrinkles and how can we prevent them?

New researches used 3D models to look at how dry skin causes wrinkles

What are some healthy habits for your brain?

A long and healthy life can stem from incorporating some of these habits into your routine 


Alzheimer: Brain implant could improve cognitive function

According to the WHO, globally more than 50 million suffer this disease, and 10 million new cases appear every year

These foods could make your skin age faster

Discover the foods that accelerate the aging process and skin deterioration due to the chemicals and fats they contain

Can yoga for your face make you look younger?

Although dermatologists do not value this method, a study conducted in accordance with this trend has yielded interesting results

Aging or cancer: a dead end

A study reveals immortality and eternal health are not possible

There is hope for vegetative-state patients

There is hope for vegetative-state patients

Nerve stimulation therapy can be the solution.

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