What is 'Nuclear Winter' and why should we worry?

Frozen rivers, totally disappeared species, and extreme cold temperatures, are part of the fatal consequences

Colombia: Oil spill killed 'Caño Muerto'

Officially, more than 24 thousand barrels of crude have been poured into canes and pastures in the municipality of Barrancabermeja

Extensive agriculture, the biggest mistake of a farmer country

Efficient forms of agriculture are a key factor in guaranteeing food security and sustainable development, especially in regions such as Latin America

The Amazon rainforest, a forgotten giant

The policies that seek to sanction emissions and reduce pollution of the air, water, and soil matrices will not be of any use if the deforestation of the Amazon continues to be allowed

How is the Amazon rainforest threatened?

A new study showed irreversible damage that deforestation in the area could be causing

'Ring of Fire': Why do experts fear a catastrophe?

Could the recent seismic activity in the area be the announcement of a major earthquake?

Mexico: Is it legal to exploit protected areas?

182 natural reserves would be at risk of being destroyed to commodify their resources

Chile: evolving in clean energy?

Since 2004, the South American country has been creating a path for renewable energies through the evolution of policies

Two happy cows: reducing meat consumption could against global warming

January: repairing environmental damage from the year before

December has ended, but the environmental impact endures: what can we do to help slow climate change down?

First strike: The world is running out of water

Cape Town would become the first big city in the planet without water

palm trees

Colombia and Paraguay: Protecting their plants

Species such as the wax palm tree and the Victoria Amazonica are threatened

Belize has an answer to protect the oceans

Belize has an answer to protect the oceans

The Central American country banned the oil activity in its waters

Sowing Corals: a new hope for coral reefs

Sowing Corals: a new hope for coral reefs

Secore International, a conservation organization for the protection and restoration of corals, assured that with a new method, many species can be saved 

Brazil: The

Brazil: The "Lava Jato" and the mega constructions dried up

The construction of Brazilian mega-projects in watersheds stopped after environmental detriment

Fedepalma: facts about palm oil

Fedepalma: facts about palm oil

The Federations seeks to develop a better quality of life for the Colombian farmers

Drug trafficking and illegal mining: threats to the environment?

Drug trafficking and illegal mining: threats to the environment?

According to United Nations these problematics represent an irreparable damage to the planet

Latin American deforestation

The alarming rate of Latin American deforestation

According to the United Nations, 65% of the global forest area losses corresponds to Latin America and the Caribbean

hurricane seasons

One of the most disastrous hurricane seasons in history comes to an end

“...It is important to note that since 2012, we did not have a season that exceeded 16 cyclonic events such as hurricanes or tropical storms"

COP 23: Colombia's achievements

COP 23: Colombia's achievements

The South American country is not considering integrating itself into the group that would stop using coal by 2030

COP 23

COP 23: what is going to happen to the USA and Syria?

Africans ask to isolate the United States when it comes to environmental issues while Syria made an unexpected announcement

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