Politics in Colombia: between love and hate

Representatives of Colombian politics have experienced emotional extremes during public events

Odebrecht scandal: Kenji Fujimori left the Popular Force party

A month after his resignation from the bench, the youngest of the Fujimori announced his decision

Latin America: No women in power

After four women simultaneously occupied the highest government positions in the region, the situation seems to not take place this year

IACHR: Central figure of the Colombian post-conflict

Juan Manuel Santos announced that the commission will accompany the implementation of the peace agreement in the country

Can Peru forbid the assistance of Nicolás Maduro to the Summit of the Americas?

Peruvian Chancellor informed his Venezuelan counterpart that the president would not be welcome at the Summit. What does the Public International Law say about the decision?

Argentina: Fighting insecurity or just responding with more violence?

Macri's administration created a new security doctrine that seek to combat drug trafficking and terrorism within the country

Immigration Chile

Chile: How to approach the immigration boom?

The main political blocs agree that the immigration policy requires an urgent overhaul, but they differ in the scope of concrete measures

Violence in Mexico: beyond presidential proposals

New security law opens up a broader spectrum of presidential elections and suggests a change in attitude

Dialogue in Venezuela: is there a possibility of an agreement?

With a fragmented opposition and without international observers on their part, the talks in the Dominican Republic are resumed


Latin America: What should be done with juvenile criminality?

The region debates between hardening punishments of minors or treat them as subjects of special protection

Looting, theft and violence: Venezuela's solution against its crisis?

The country ended 2017 with an inflation of 2.616% and a decrease in its GDP of 15%

Pope Francis flew in to Chile's capital Monday night for a visit expected.

Pope visit: Chileans divided between parishioners and activists

In the middle of Catholic Church controversy because of sex abuse scandals, Pope Francis continues the schedule's visit in Chile

El Salvador, deported

El Salvador: what are the implications of nationals being deported from the USA?

Salvadoran immigrants will have 18 months to get a legal permit or leave the country, but the Central American country is not ready to receive repatriates 

La Guajira: Colombian political corruption

La Guajira: Colombian political corruption

The department demonstrates the phenomenon of corruption and the challenges that decentralization represents in the country

Colombia: Gender equality and inclusive language

Colombia: Gender equality and inclusive language

The discussion around language use could be endless

Venezuela: What happened to the National Assembly after the establishment of the Constituent?

Venezuela's National Assembly welcomes 2018 with a new board of directors  

The Venezuelan refugees

The Venezuelan refugees

The citizens of the country with the world’s largest proven oil reserves, now experience, for the very first time, what being a refugee is like

Latin America: Women in politics

Female participation in the public sphere, especially in politics, is still low

pension system reform, crisis

Argentina: Why did the pension system reform lead to violent confrontations?

On December 18, the Chamber of Deputies debated a provisional reform for the pension system 

What happened with the Nicaragua channel?

What happened with the Nicaragua channel?

The construction of the megaproject is delayed and there us no certainty about its viability

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