What does the Universe looks like?

A group of astrophysicists have used the Hazel Hen machine, Germany's fastest mainframe computer, to create the most detailed simulation ever of the entire universe

Water on Mars - So where's the life?

As the old saying goes, 'where there's water, there's life'. Well at least that's our belief here on planet Earth. So the fact that NASA scientists recently discovered water, flowing water that is and not just impenetrable ice, on planet Mars raises the question, 'Can our neighboring planet support life as we know it?' Or even more Hollywood style, 'Is there already life on the red planet?'

Space X has done it again

The pioneering rocket company carried out a perfect launch 

The eye in the sky

Most of us have grown up watching movies or reading novels about the world of spies and private investigators. We have marveled at their ingenious methods of getting valuable information, without being caught. Improvements in technology recently have made spying on people a whole lot simpler. 

Who decides what can be deifined as a planet?

Johns Hopkins University researcher, Kevin Schlaufman, sets the upper boundary of planet mass between 4 and 10 times the mass of Jupiter

Making it on Mars: keys to survival

'Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.' That old adage applies to almost all situations we find ourselves in on a daily basis. OK, when stepping into the unknown it may be almost impossible to think about and plan for every eventuality, but giving it some thought is usually a fruitful exercise. This is exactly what a group of scientists, engineers, social scientists, philosophers and writers have been doing on an annual basis in London for the last three years.

The millennium's food will be grown in space

The millennium's food will be grown in space

Spirulina, a type of algae, will become part of the MELISSA project, an initiative that looks to guarantee the production of food and oxygen outside of the Earth

Brother Earth

Kepler is a spacecraft observatory that was launched in 2009 to discover other Earth-like planets orbiting their stars. Only recently did they find such a planet. 

What are the most important astronomical events of 2018?

What are the most important astronomical events of 2018?

Next year, it will be possible to see some of the most spectacular celestial phenomena

Show me the (fastest) way to Alpha Centauri

The world of space exploration and travel is, to say the least, as mind-boggling as it is seemingly infinite. While we know of neighboring stars and galaxies, actually getting to them with the current technology we have is nigh on impossible. In science-fiction movies, unsurprisingly, travelling from planet Earth to far flung places is generally no big deal. Yet, considering the nearest star system to our sun, Alpha Centauri, is a hefty 4.3 light years away, the idea of humans reaching just that any time soon is difficult to envisage.

Study reveals what happened with the water in Mars

Study reveals what happened with the water in Mars

The research from the Simon Fraser University did not evaporate

Mars & Venus Brains

The differences between women and men are quite notorious, but those differences are not exclusive from the physical standpoint; there are also some differences in the way both genders develop their brains.

It’s not science fiction, it’s science fact

There is very little that is exact in this world. Even science has its grey areas. However, various key words that scientists use have exact meanings. Yet outside of the scientific field, some of these words are used in an incorrect sense. Here we look at six scientific words that are misused the most by the general public.

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