Puerto Rico’s economy doesn’t depend on becoming the 51st state

After the non-biding vote of Puerto Ricans to become the 51st state, we need to discuss the economic and political consequences if this becomes a reality

India: ¿a sinkhole for the global economy?

India: ¿a sinkhole for the global economy?

Morgan Stanley predicts consumer inflation is only the beginning 

Artificial Intelligence

Could investing in Artificial Intelligence be the solution?

By 2035, use of AI could increase the South American GDP by 1%. Is it time to invest more in technology?

Economic Brief: Latin America 2010-2020

Economic Brief: Latin America 2010-2020

Latin America has the potential to become the next global power

Fashion Jobs

How many jobs does fashion generate in Colombia?

The fashion industry continues growing at an unstoppable speed. Increasingly companies are betting on the fabric and clothing business in Latin America

Is Trump’s economic agenda doomed?

While Trump’s administration started with strong congressional support, it seems as if his actions have created a rejection towards his economic agenda


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