Argentina’s honesty comes with a price

Since 2012, the Argentinian inflation numbers were concealed from the public. Now, under Macri’s administration, the real numbers are in and they’re not encouraging

Latin America commodities

How will Latin America end its dependence on commodities?

Low demand and higher prices of commodities are constantly damaging Latin American economy. What steps should it take to end this dependence?

China’s economic growth

China’s hidden reality is affecting its economy

Despite China’s economic growth, studies show that its productivity is decreasing considerably. What are the global repercussions?

Inequality in Latin America

Inequality reduction has slowed in Latin America

The decline in inequality in terms of income distribution observed since 2008 results from the priority that countries give to social development objectives

Santos Trump

Trump’s words don’t match his budget

At first, the visit of Juan Manuel Santos to the White House turned out easier than expected. However, Trump’s proposed budget dragged spirits down.

Lenín Moreno

A bright, new future for Ecuador

Lenín Moreno's presidency has officially begun. His economic and political intentions will determine the country's stability.


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