Maduro hikes Venezuela minimum wage by 60%

Venezuela is the country with the world’s highest inflation, which the International Monetary Fund predicts will increase to 2,000 percent next year.

Colombia urges a pension reform

The current fiscal gap calls for an urgent reform in the pension funds system.

Latin America can't stand the costs of Mother Nature

The recent tragedies in Peru and Colombia have put on perspective the fragility of LatAm countries against natural phenomena.

Colombians’ debt with banks increases

Despite good feelings towards economic future, Colombians still carry big debts with banks.

Chile protests as Latam buckles under rising energy prices

With two people killed in the southern city of Punta Arenas during Chile protests against hikes in natural gas prices...

Brazil to work with Obama to counter China

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff will discuss with her U.S. counterpart Barack Obama ways to counteract the threat ...


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