These are the animals that must extinguish for the cow to be the largest mammal

A study by the University of New Mexico, USA, says that in 200 years there will be no mammal larger than the cow

The most threatened species in the Coral Triangle: will we no longer have tuna sushi?

More than 120 million people who survive directly from the food and safety provided by these reefs

Could studying the stars save animals in danger?

Thanks to "Astropy" researchers can observe and protect fauna through drones

Lakes: agonizing ecosystems

The disappearance and loss of water from these aquatic bodies is a matter of concern for some experts

Why should Latin America take care of the Spectacled Bears?

The Andean Bear is threatened due to the destruction of its habitat and the irresponsible practices of those who inhabit the territories of the species

Latin America: What is being done to conserve the Condor?

Deaths of these animals in Argentina and Colombia call for reflection on the future of the species

Tips to be a good tourist and not to pollute: How to do it and why?

Traveling is unquestionably one of the activities that human beings enjoy the most, but are we really responsible travelers? Are we good tourists?

Colombia: What is "Risaralda se viste de Aves" about?

The Risaralda Bird Festival 2018 will take place between March 15 and 19 in Unicentro Pereira

The Amazon, between fire and oil

Colombia registered 24 fires in recent days and in Peru there was an oil spill

Chilean waters are protected

These are the efforts made by the government of Chile to achieve protection of 42% of its seawater

Bolivian water frog is looking for its Juliet

Animal protection organizations uploaded Romeo's profile to a dating site in the hopes to prevent the species from becoming extinct

Birds in Bogotá: One more reason for preservation

The capital is considered as the city with the highest number of species with approximately 200 registered

Fernando Truijillo works at the Amazon River

“We are making deserts of water”: Fernando Trujillo

The premier of the documentary "A River Below" has set off alarms about the current situation in the Amazon

Amazon biospheres: a new way to build in cities

In these offices the employees work with natural light, between streams, bushes and, next to the corpse flower

The Mexican axolotl: why is this amphibian unique?

Although it is in critical danger of extinction, it has the largest genome that has been able to sequence up to now, approximately 10 times larger than that of humans

Central America: Alert for massive fish death

The ecological tragedy threatens both the economy and the health of hundreds of inhabitants

Mexico: the Chinese elite is the major enemy of the Vaquita

Today, the total population of marine vaquitas is estimated around 30 individuals

The renaissance of the Galapagos Island

The renaissance of the Galapagos Island

For the first time in one hundred years turtles are being born in the Ecuadorian island

New bird species in the Peruvian Amazon

New bird species in the Peruvian Amazon

The discovery was made by an amateur observer who later informed a scientific team to confirm the fact

Lazarus Species: hope for conservation?

Lazarus Species: hope for conservation?

Sometimes, species that were decleared extint are rediscovered, as if they came back to life

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