The 10 best workout apps

Working out is good for your body. It keeps you in shape. It lowers your cholesterol. It increases muscle. Your smart phone can be your personal trainer. Here are 10 workout apps for all levels and abilities:

Workout Trainer
Thousands of free workouts with audio and video instructions.

A good resource for bodybuilding.

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App
This has the original 7-minute workout. More advanced routines are also available. 

Runtastic Six Pack Abs
A 10-week workout routine designed for your abs.

Adapts exercise routines to your physical capability.

Pocket Yoga
It’s like having your own Yoga studio.

Strava Running & Cycling
A comprehensive running and cycling app.

Zombies, Run!
A motivational app to get you running.

A social network app for exercise junkies.

Contains the 7-minute workout idea but with humor. 

Prepared by: Jonathan Zur

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