We all want to be healthy, to be fit and have the perfect body. However, this is not as simple as we would like. To get to this level, we need a lot of hard work and dedication. There are some new fitness machines that can help us though. The following are some of the most exciting fitness machines for 2016.

1 – Mio Alpha 2 – This watch was designed to track your speed, heart rate, running distance and calories when you exercise. It is very important for runners that are serious about their sport.

2 –Finis Neptune MP3 Player – This is the dream product for serious swimmers. This allows people to train in the water and still listen to their favorite songs.

3 – InBody Band – This is a wrist-band that will tell people important information about their bodies when they are training. For example fat vs. muscle. It will also monitor sleep and your heart.

4 – Fitbit Aria – This looks like a typical machine for measuring your weight but it actually gives a lot more information such as body fat, changes and sends this information to your computer. It will then give you advice about how to get better.

5 – SmartMat – The athlete stands on this while they are training. This mat will then give you instructions for different exercises and also send information to your computer about your class.

Technology keeps getting better and better, and these new machines might be able to help us get fitter. We must remember though, that the most important ingredients for fitness are hard work and determination. 

 Prepared by: JZEnglish

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