US abstains from UN vote against Cuba embargo

The US has for the first time abstained from voting against an annual UN resolution calling for an end to its economic embargo against Cuba.

How the world reacted to Wonder Woman post as UN Ambassador

The iconic superhero was named Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls by the UN but criticism didn’t wait.

Air of discontent around Cerrejón mine

Colombia's indigenous people who claim their health and environment has suffered due to work at the Cerrejón coal mine are dismayed by the operation’s expansion

Venezuela political foes 'to hold talks' in surprise move

Venezuela's government and its opposition are to meet for crisis talks, the Vatican says, after an intervention from Pope Francis.

What's happening with the world's ageing population?

The violation of human rights and insufficient legal guarantees of equality are some of the issues affecting older people around the world.


Chile's right wins big in local elections

With over 99 percent of results counted on Sunday night in local elections, the right-leaning Chile Vamos pact emerged as the big winner.

Venezuela opposition puts pressure on President Maduro

Venezuelan congressmen put President Nicolas Maduro under more pressure by voting to put him on trial for violating democracy.

50 years of occupation

2017 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Israeli occupation and for Palestinian refugees life seems to barely go on.

Venezuela's Maduro recall referendum drive suspended

Venezuela's electoral council has suspended the opposition's campaign to hold a recall referendum against President Nicolas Maduro.

Havana lashes out against Obama directive on friendlier Cuba policy

The Cuban government showed its discontent during a series of protests across the island that paralyzed universities and other schools under the slogan “Hornet’s nests against the blockade,” a reference to the U.S. trade embargo.

Eduardo Cunha: Former Brazil Congress speaker arrested

The former speaker of the lower house of the Brazilian Congress, Eduardo Cunha, has been arrested in connection with a major corruption investigation.

Venezuela election delay sparks opposition anger

Venezuela's elections for state governorships have been postponed until next year, a move denounced by the opposition...

Ecuador curbs Assange's internet to halt US election 'interference'

Ecuador has acknowledged it partly restricted internet access for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is taking refuge at its London embassy.

The world's wealthiest nations are shrinking responsibilities over refugees

Amnesty International accused rich nations of hosting the fewest number of refugees and doing the least to solve their situation.

Nicaragua canal scheme 'must be dropped'

Nicaragua must scrap a deal to build a massive inter-oceanic canal as it tramples on the environment and human rights, a leading rights body says.

Should Columbus day be abolished?

This day honors the "discovery" of America but forgets conquistadors wiped as much as 95% of native populations. 

Venezuela’s Supreme Court consolidates President Maduro’s power

Venezuela’s Supreme Court has consolidated President Nicolás Maduro’s power with a decision that removes budgetary authority from the nation’s Congress

Colombians march to demand Farc peace deal be revived

Thousands of Colombians have taken part in marches to demand that a peace deal signed by the government and Farc rebels be upheld.

Ending child marriage

Around the world 15 million girls are married before the age of 18 each year.

Abortion laws may be relaxed El Salvador

Rape victims in El Salvador may be allowed to have abortions under proposals put forward by the governing party.

Venezuelan opposition campaigns for lawmakers’ immunity, Maduro recall

The MUD opposition alliance announced Monday that it will campaign before various courts and governments to seek the protection of immunity for the more than 100 opposition lawmakers

Lula faces new corruption charges

Federal prosecutors filed new corruption charges on Monday against Brazil’s former president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

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