Meet the teen who trains to live on Mars

Alyssa Carson speaks four languages, has knowledge about aeronautics and robotics, and is the promise of humanity on Mars

Lorena García: a Venezuelan chef in Las Vegas

This Latin American chef is now considered one of the top in the restaurant industry of the United States, one of the most competitive of the world

The modern Sherlock Holmes is Colombian

Eduardo Salcedo combats the growing criminal complexity with the latest technology tools

Gastón Acurio: the ambassador of Peruvian food

Gastón Acurio: the ambassador of Peruvian food

This is the story of one of the most renowned Peruvian chefs in the world

infidelity in  latam

Latin America: in which countries is infidelity more common?

A new study revealed where people are the most unfaithful: why do people cheat?

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