What are the most expensive neighborhoods to live in Latin America?

Each city has its exclusive neighborhood, but here we highlight the most expensive in the region

'Skiplagging': the savings strategy that airlines can't stop

This technique has allowed hundreds of travelers to save money when traveling by finding flights hidden by airlines

Can inheritances solve the financial problems of millennials?

Millennials are preparing to receive considerable inheritances from the richest generation in history. Will it be enough to save them?

How do maternity leave works in Latin America?

Cuba and Chile have the longest license periods, while Paraguay and Haiti have the lowest

3 books that will help you keep your finances in order

We will all have to face managing our budget, so it is not a bad idea to get advice from the experts. Here we recommend three books to start

College: Does paying more guarantee you a better education?

The best universities in the world are a frequent source of discussion, but the same names are always included in the list. How much do you have to pay to enter?

9 tips to have good finances in 2019

We all want to improve the balance in our bank accounts, so for this new year it is worth going over the bases to build better finances

Going to the gym: avoid being tricked with these tips

Is this time of the year when thinking of going to the gym is such a good idea but, be careful! The gym could become your worst enemy

In these jobs, women have better pays than men

Although men traditionally earn up to 15% more than women, some jobs, especially modeling, are better paid in women

Are you millennial and unemployed? Break the stereotypes

Millennials represent the highest unemployment rate because of the negative stereotypes in which they have been typecast. Here we tell you how to break with them

5 tips to save money on Christmas

The holidays are a happy time, but they can also be expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce expenses

Micro-influencers: the key for your business

It does not take millions of followers on social networks to be useful for brands, sometimes it's enough and it's enough to have a few thousand

Black Friday: Why Latin American discounts are fake?

In Latin America, the tempting discounts that allow you to buy things at a fraction of their price are not the rule, they are the exception

These are the European soccer teams with the most expensive tickets

The Premier League holds the most expensive average tickets, but which team and stadium charge more per season? Find out here


E-commerce: the ideal job for women

The informatics revolution benefits women by allowing them leaving the informal economy, gaining autonomy and managing their work in a more flexible and effective way

Find out why Nintendo games are always the most expensive

Compared to games for Xbox One or PlayStation 4, the games for Nintendo Switch are the most expensive, but everything is part of a plan

Latin America is ready to live Black Friday

The tradition of 'Black Friday' was born in the United States in 1869, but its fame has grown so much that Latin America and the world are ready to celebrate

Do you want to go to Disney? Find out how much it can cost

All parents want to give their children the gift of knowing their favorite characters in Disney World and here we tell you what expenses you can expect

Are you looking for a scholarship? 5 options for female entrepreneurs

In order to combat the wide gender gap in the business world, several institutions have sought to support women with funds and training

How much can it cost you everything you need for a comfortable breastfeeding?

Although your body is designed to breastfeed, we know that this process brings many discomforts and pains. We present you some products that will help you

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