Who are the presidential candidates in Bolivia for 2019?

Although the elections will be held in October 2019, there are already adversaries that confront President Morales

5 corruption scandals that shocked Latin America

December 9 is the international day of the fight against corruption, these are some of the biggest scandals in Latin America

How do these 3 presidents end the year?

Macri increased his popularity but his negative image is high. Meanwhile, Iván Duque is the most unpopular leader in Colombia. What about other presidents?

Venezuela: The alternative of Latin American students

The offer of 20,000 scholarships to Colombian university students contrasts with the crisis in this country and the disagreements expressed by Venezuelan students

The Venezuelan ID: the new citizen pain

The Chinese company ZTE, helped to manufacture identification cards for Venezuela, which can track, reward and punish users

"Saying first lady is something from upper class": Beatriz Gutiérrez

Beatriz Gutiérrez wants to transform the role of the first lady of Mexico, contributing with all her academic background to the cultural growth of the country

AMLO: the National Guard would end Mexico's problems

The President of Mexico proposed the creation of a National Guard, an idea that still does not convince

Positive or Negative? This is what the peace process with the FARC has left us

Two years have passed since the signing of the peace process. What are the positive and negative aspects of this?

Migrants' Caravan: Tensions at the border

Around 500 people tried to forcibly cross one of the borders that Mexico has with the United States

Why does Brazil say goodbye to Cuban doctors?

More than 8,000 Cuban doctors will stop providing their services to people living in the poorest and most remote areas of Brazil

Law projects: this is the panorama in these 3 Latin American countries

In the Congresses of Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, laws are being approved as part of policies to help the welfare of their people

Will Uruguay give political asylum to Alan García?

The former Peruvian president applied for political asylum in that country, after he was implicated in the Odebrecht investigations

Danger! Foreign criminal gangs put Paraguay in emergency

Transnational crime is one of the main security problems faced by Paraguay due to two illegal groups from Brazil

Colombia:Odebrecht scandal reaches the Attorney General

The death of an important witness and the subsequent poisoning of his son have changed the Odebrecht scandal in Colombia

5 challenges that Fátima Bezerra will face as governor in Brazil

Creating policies that include Afro-descendants and indigenous people and ensure the rights of the LGBTIQ community are some of the challenges that Fátima Bezerra will face

These are the reasons why Ivan Duque's popularity is so low

The political cost of the low budget for education and the possible implementation of the Financing Law, among others, resulted in the fall of his popularity

Julian Assange: Ecuador will no longer pay for his expenses

The security costs of Julian Assange have amounted to USD $ 66,000 a month for the Ecuadorian government, for that reason and more, you will have to leave

4 singers who have also worked in politics

From Rubén Blades to Willie Colón, these four musicians have worked in politics. In LatinAmerican Post we tell you more about it

After a year! The Argentine Navy finds ARA submarine

It was found this Friday, a year after having disappeared with its 44 crew members

Brexit: How tense is the situation right now?

After a great year of negotiations and disagreements between Brussels and London, the Brexit could reach its final agreement under a 'secret plan' of the prime minister, Theresa May

This is the possible future of Brazil in the hands of Bolsonaro

Some sectors fear that the president-elect of Brazil punishes minorities and moves away from his allies

California under threat: 23 people died in the devastating wildfire

The firemen fear that the winds will increase and along with these the number of tragedies. Donald Trump blames mismanagement and threatens to cut federal payments


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