Chile telescope

Chile: A telescope to stomp on all others

Scientists are one step closer to understanding the universe after the start of the construction of the world's largest optical and infrared telescope

Wannacry cyberattack numbers in Latin America

According to Europol Executive Director Rob Wainwright, at least 200,000 users in 150 countries have been affected by the recent ransomware cyberattacks.

Brazil and Colombia traffic analysis: technology propels igaming revenues

Latin America is generating multi-billion dollar revenues for the igaming industry and the region is being propelled by leaps in technology

Connected Mexico to check use of networks for government decisions

Mexico’s telecoms ministry has started a project to test usage of the broadband that is available to citizens as part of their constitutional right.

ESA boosting its Argentine link with deep space

Thanks to some high-tech improvements, ESA's radio dish in Argentina will be ready to receive the rising torrent of scientific data beamed back by future missions exploring deep in our Solar System.

What lies ahead for the Latin America banking ecosystem?

2016 saw an influx of major technology projects from banks across Latin America.

Building a better model of human-automation interaction

People generally make decisions using two ways of thinking: They think consciously and try to use logic to figure out what action to take; or people unconsciously recognize patterns in certain situations, get a "gut feeling," and take action based on that feeling. 

New telescope at the top of the world to look at universe's earliest origins

A new telescope being built in the high desert of Chile will peer further into our universe's origins than any other. 

Latino led reaseach team finds Quantum world force

The Casimir effect could help nanotech engineers design better nanoscale objects to push medical and computational research forward.

Also Made in Mexico: Lifesaving Medical Devices

Nearly everyone in America who has a pacemaker — in fact, people all over the world — walks around with parts from here.

Colombia on Fast Track in Science and Engineering Discovery

Supercomputer Puts Colombia on Fast Track to Designing New HIV Drugs, Science and Engineering Discovery

How memory and digital media can pave the way to peace

Peace building endeavors have tried to promote a new narrative of the conflict that brings the victims of war to the foreground

Mars rover tests in Chile's high desert

Due to its extreme dryness, the Atacama Desert in Chile is one of the most important environments on Earth for researchers who need to approximate the conditions of Mars.

The web’s biggest threats

This week the World Wide Web turned 28 and its inventor believes fake news, privacy and political advertising are its biggest threats.

Jalisco, Mexico’s very own Silicon Valley

Benefiting from Trump’s migration restrictions, a quiet technology revolution is underway in Guadalajara

Global development in the eyes of gamers

The UN led the first playable policy conference which aims to address some of the world’s most complex challenges.

Corals meet genetic engineering

To fight the risk of extinction, scientists are using cutting-edge technology to safe coral reef ecosystems.

Will Cuba embrace the internet revolution?

There are now more than 240 public access wi-fi spots dotted around the country and the price for an hour of internet access, while still expensive by international standards, has dropped by more than half, to $1.50 (£1.20) for an hour.

Tech to the ocean’s rescue

Researchers are using satellite monitoring to identify illegally caught fish.

Camera traps for studying endangered species

In South America researchers are using camera traps to study endangered species in remote locations.

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