The 10 best video games of 2016

From the fiendish classic that tests your sausage-cooking skills to the summer of Jigglypuffs and a return to first world war battlefields, here are 2016’s best video games

Mexico Struggling with Widespread Cyber Theft of Personal Data

Mexico has become a haven for the black market of stolen personal data of all kinds, reported Crónica. And the potential profits are considerable.

Education and technology together for better results

Radical changes are needed in the Colombian educational system

Computers, gardens revolutionizing rural schools in Peru’s andean region

In one of Peru’s most rural, isolated and impoverished areas computers with Internet access and organic gardens are revolutionizing education

10 best video calling apps for Android

Video calling has officially become mainstream. Many of today’s chat apps, including Apple’s eponymous Facetime,

5 easiest ways to protect yourself online by Snowden

The sharing of information should be a conversation — not an enigma buried somewhere in the Terms of Service of a site.

Microsoft Unites with Elon Musk on Breakthrough AI Project

Through this partnership, Microsoft and OpenAI will advance their mutual goal to democratize AI, so everyone can benefit from the technology.

The paper of the future

Researchers have developed a rewritable paper-like surface that can be printed and erased 40 times without a loss in resolution. 

Uruguayan studies using virtual reality to treat brain damage

Uruguayan electronics technician Sergio Olivieri has developed a system that uses virtual reality, or VR, to help rehabilitate people with brain damage

A Decade of Advances in Cancer Prevention, Thanks to AI

AI stands to help medicine advance at rates that have previously been impossible, potentially saving untold numbers of future lives.

AI predicted Trump's win

The AI aims at learning from the environment, developing its own rules at the policy layer, and developing expert systems without discarding any data. It based its analysis on 20 million data points from platforms such as Google, Twitter, and YouTube.

Big Idea: Technology Grows Exponentially

The doubling of computer processing speed every 18 months, known as Moore's Law, is just one manifestation of the greater trend that all technological change occurs at an exponential rate.

Amazon biodiversity could fuel the fourth industrial revolution

A team of scientists says we could use available technologies to learn and imitate the region's natural forms, processes and ecosystems, known as biomimicry.

Supercomputers Are Now Running off of Solar Power

These new sustainable power supply systems are helping us to develop technologies that are more reliable and efficient than ever.

Microsoft inaugurates tech security center in Brazil

Technology giant Microsoft inaugurated a computer security center in Brazil, the task of which will be to monitor the online activities of cyberpirates and guarantee greater protection for its customers.

The Age of Vertical Farming Is Officially Upon Us

Vertical farming is turning out to be nearly 10 times more efficient than traditional agriculture. The development is being described as an agricultural evolution as opposed to a revolution.

5 Reasons the PC is not dead

Some people say that the desktop PC is dead. They see large sales of smartphones, tablets and laptops (also called notebooks). Simultaneously, desktop PC sales are down. However, the desktop PC still has several advantages:

In the market for a laptop?

A laptop is the best tool for doing serious work or play at home and on the road. It is more versatile than a desktop PC. Tablets and smartphones are also very popular. However, most people realize that everything from typing a research paper to watching a video to gaming works better on a laptop. If you want a laptop which one should you get? 

Nanotechnology in Quechua

As a side project to the scientific collaboration between Mexican and Peruvian researchers, the book Riqsiyku about nanotechnology was released. A text written in Spanish and Quechua, aimed for primary school children.

Peru’s first earth observation satellite launched into orbit

Peru’s first Earth observation satellite has been launched into orbit. PeruSAT-1 is the region’s most powerful submetric observation satellite in its category,

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