Former Uruguayan president Mujica warns of "Trade Wars"

“The Uruguayan government must deal with an international situation full of uncertainties, and we don’t know whether this situation will lead to a trade war. Hopefully not, but it’s a latent danger,” Mujica

Uruguay committed to reaching free-trade deal with China

“The executive branch is going to take this to the end, and if China wants an agreement we’ll reach an agreement and it will be up to the legislature to either approve or reject it,” Foreign Minister Rodolfo Nin Novoa

Peru proposes new Asia-Pacific deal after US exit TPP

Peru's President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski on Tuesday proposed the creation of a trade bloc between member economies of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum and other nations.

Mercosur and EU look to 2017

Mercosur and EU feel “2017 is a window of opportunity”, but can't find the path despite Brexit and Trump

Peru’s trade agreement with Honduras takes effect in 2017

The free-trade agreement between Peru and Honduras will took effect on Jan. 1, 2017. Peru exported $41 million of products to Honduras in 2015, up 4.7% from 2014.

India looks favorably upon possible trade agreements with LatAm

India’s Commerce Secretary Rita Teaotia released a statement in which she encourages developing preferential trade agreements with LatAm.

How can Obama explain the failure of the TPP?

President Obama will be in Lima for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, he will have to vouch for further involvement in Asia despite admitting the TPP is practically dead.

Peru president lends loud voice in defending free trade

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) concluded its annual summit in Lima last week by declaring its commitment to free trade amid a wave of populism.

Latin America and China: A golden opportunity

China’s president ventures into Donald Trump’s backyard. China’s aims in the region are expansive. In 2015 it signed a slew of agreements with Latin American countries promising to double bilateral trade

Macri, Trudeau back international trade to help middle class

Macri said that the two men also had agreed to push for talks between Mercosur and Canada, as well as bilateral discussions.

Colombia and Turkey hold burgeoning economic relationship

Turkey maintains economic interest on Colombia for a variety of reasons. Among them, its location. Trade between the two is constantly rising. 

Bolivia’s President argues that Chile has harmed their economy

During a landlocked country conference, President Evo Morales spoke against Chile, and stated that their decisions limit their development as a landlocked country.

Central America and South Korea conclude trade deaal talks

Central American nations and South Korea expect to sign a free-trade accord by June 30, 2017

China hopes president’s Latin American tour will boost economic ties

China hopes to take its economic relations with Latin America to a new level as its president is set to begin an official tour of Ecuador, Peru and Chile.

Mexico willing to discuss Nafta with US

Nafta can be discussed, but not renegotiated, says Mexico

Mexico prepares economic contingency plan for possible Trump presidency

An ‘adverse’ US election result could severely impact country where Trump has threatened to build a border wall and end trade deals, Central Bank governor said

No Mercosur objection to Uruguay-China trade talks

None of Uruguay’s partners in Mercosur has raised objections to his government’s plan to negotiate a trade accord with China

Brazil’s Consumer and Trade Confidence indexes increase

Two key indexes rose in October, showing that, while perhaps not optimistic about the future, Brazilians are less pessimistic about the country's economic situation.

Mercosur/China trade agreement

Macri and Vazquez agree that the trade approach to China should be done from Mercosur. Vazquez underlined the very generous attitude of Macri and thanked Argentina for having such consideration.

Trade protectionism would hurt both Mexico and the US

In response to what presidential candidate Donald Trump has argued throughout his campaign, the Mexican Finance minister warned that a move towards protectionism is in no one’s best interest.

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